North Star Camp for Boys

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's a Small NSC World

A favorite NSC ritual of so many of our alumni is recounting the off-season's "Small World Stories" at the first campfire. But why wait!

The East Coast Education Run-In
North Star alumnus Robby Rutkoff (1996-2007) lives in New York City where he is currently teaching second grade.  Robby is looking to pursue a career in education administration, and is looking to take the next step toward that goal. Through a connection made by his mom, Robby set up a meeting with a prominent education reformer on the East Coast. One of the questions that Robby was asked was, "If education all of a sudden closed its doors and you had to choose a new career, what field would you choose?"

Robby at the Council Ring in 2005.
Robby responded, "Well, I spent 12 summers at camp and thought for a while that camping would be my career, so I'd probably go back into camping and try to open my own summer camp."

The education reformer then asked what camp he went to, and when Robby told him it was North Star, he was caught by surprise.

The education reformer was Norman Atkins, a North Star Camper in the 1970s. He grew up in Evanston, IL, and remembers Leb's days as a counselor.

In his career, Norman has opened several successful, high-performing charter schools in New Jersey and New York. The kicker - Norman named his first school North Star Academy!

Thanks for Stopping By!
- David Felsenthal stopped by Uncle Dan's to say hi. He is working as a consultant in Chicago and got married about a year and a half ago to his wife Nooshin, who is from St. Louis. Coincidentally, one of Nooshin's friends from high school is now married to NSC alum Jason Olt, who happened to be one of David's closest friends at camp. Congratulations to both couples, and to the Olt's who recently had their first child!

- Keith Kretchmer came in to visit at Uncle Dan's in Evanston with his daughter Anna. Anna and her husband were visiting for the first time with their new baby boy from Birmingham, England, where they live and work. In addition to to the ongoing celebration of Keith and Valerie becoming grandparents, they were also celebrating Anna's birthday! Congratulations to all of the Kretchmers!

- Brian Harris stopped in to say hi as well. He is working as an IT consultant and currently doing work in Dallas for Lockheed Martin. Brian was married last year and he and his wife live in Chicago. Things are going so well for Brian that he was able to brush off the fact that his cameo from the old North Star video has become outdated.