North Star Camp for Boys

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August 12, 2009

The last week has been a blur. Here is a listing of all that has happened...

Last Saturdays Pow Wow Day was a huge success. Perhaps the most memorable part of the program was the Friday night sermon by our counselor Rocky Eagon. Rocky was raised by his grandmother who was a full Cherokee Indian. He did a wonderful job of relating stories that helped bring the Native culture to life for us. He pointed out that there are Native Americans living throughout the US and they want the culture to be remembered and embraced. Our campers really appreciated Rocky's talk and I know his grandma would have been proud.... Big 10 Celebration for counselors Nick Yohanna and Mike Blumberg... stories and cake to celebrate... all camp water balloon fight with me as the main target.... final sign up trips including a river, geo-caching, fishing, and climbing trip ... Pine Manor Cabins went to Duluth for their final cabin activity as North Star campers ... the climbing trip was actually a climbing competition with Camp Birch Trail held at their camp... Espionage with the theme of Scooby Doo, something to do with 97 clues scattered all over camp and each cabin group had to solve the riddles and bring their treasure to the lodge; all I know is the kids were exhausted by the end and that's a good thing because the next day was … Lazy Day with eggs to order, coffee cake and cartoons playing in the outer lodge... camper counselor hunt and I was once again able to escape detection and get a 30 minute nap while hiding (sleeping) in the bog... Leigh Rubin did run within 3 feet of me, didn't look down and kept on moving ... it was fun to watch his face when I told him how close he was to me ... Casino night with a prize fight in the middle of the lodge; a robbery that stole all the cash, an auction for clothing, posters and other exotic items... arts and crafts show...

Still to come... camper counselor Day.... staff show... packing... final key log... banquet… request program and the burning of the North Star Effigy... vans, buses and cars taking our campers home to tell a thousand different stories from many different perspectives.

It's been a pleasure writing these postings and I hope that I've been able to give you a glimpse of North Star life through the eyes of this tired and burry eyed camp director. It is difficult to capture the magic of camp but I am sure that your son will be able to fill in the blanks when he comes home shortly.

Please feel free to call Sue or myself if you have any questions or concerns about camp as we would be happy to answer them for you.

Thanks for sharing your sons with us. Sue and I will do everything we can to insure that their last few days are fun, happy and safe.

Speaking of Sue, she has asked that I send a health update. Please read it below.

It will not be long before we begin making preparations for next summer. But for now, enjoy the anticipation of the stories and experiences that ou are sure to hear.

Best wishes,