North Star Camp for Boys

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Leb and Sue's Winter Trip to NSC

If you haven't checked out the January 2011 Siren, Sue wrote up the following story about the Lebby family trip to NSC. We promised you more pics, too, so enjoy!

The Lebby family dodged weather systems from Arizona to Wisconsin to spend a little time in front of the fireplace at camp. We were close to landing in Hayward when we were informed that the runway was quite icy, and had to divert to Duluth. We laughed when we found out the scientific way that the Hayward Airport determines the slickness. They get out on the runway with their pick-up , step on the gas to 80 m.p.h. and then haul on the brakes. If they skid then they deem it is slick. We took their word for it and waited it out in Duluth until they to put gravel down and tried the whole process again.

Once at camp we felt like we were in heaven. We hadn't been to camp with the family in the winter since Garrett and Kacy were very young. In those days we shoveled off the lake and went ice skating, made snow forts, pulled sleds behind the 4 wheeler, took saunas followed by a leap into the snow and went ice-fishing with Tom on the Chippewa Flowage. The kids loved strapping on skates and checking on the holes that Tom drilled into the ice. On this trip we did puzzles, sat by the fire, took long walks in the knee deep snow on Spider lake, made pizza from scratch, checked out Hayward and Famous Dave’s, bowled at Anglers and, for old time’s sake, Garrett shoveled off a spot on the lake for ice-fishing and skating. Never mind that the fish weren't biting. It was all in the process. Rose, Garrett's fiance is a southern girl so this was all new for her. She piled on the clothes and was a great sport. It was so beautiful in the snow we didn't want to come in so we built a little fire on the lake and made hot chocolate and had a winter picnic. In the end we never want to leave.

Despite the cold and snow, Tom was doing renovations on the outside of Arts and Crafts and had his smoker out in the snow for smoking fish. Emmy was very happy to see us. She has a full winter coat and was romping around in the snow. I think that she misses all of the action without the boys. The next time we see camp, the ice will be off of the lake and subtle signs of spring will be in view!

- Sue