North Star Camp for Boys

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Movin' on from Motown

Our semi-short trip to the Detroit area has come to an end, but not without more staff and camper recruitment... and more good food.

On Tuesday Andy and I awoke bright and early to spend the day at the University of Michigan in the Memorial Union. When we got there we found the room we were assigned to, which was actually two rooms, the front a lounge area with couches and formal chairs, and the back a full board room. We spent the day in the lounge area and Andy and I felt like we were in some type of aristocratic setting. We were visited by counselor Roddy Hyduk and alum Ryan Jacobs. Roddy showed us one of the great videos that he is working on and we'll be sure to pass it along when he's done with it.

Now when we told people that we were going to Ann Arbor, Michigan, we were told that we had to have lunch at Zingerman's Deli. A minimum of half a dozen people told us this, but we were well aware of this requirement after our visit last year. Andy had the #2 and I had the #18.

Wednesday was a full day for us. We started off in Ypsilanti, MI at Eastern Michigan University to recruit staff. Unfortunately, the spot that we wanted was already reserved... so we were put in an area that they confirmed was a high traffic location. The only problem is that it where we were seated was once (or perhaps still is) an information booth, complete with a large wooden kiosk, info brochures and a sign above that said "Information Booth". Needless to say, more people stopped to query us regarding campus information than to inquire about jobs. The most popular question was "Is there an ATM in this building" (asked by 6 people) followed by "Can I have a Laffy Taffy" (5), "Where is there a computer lab" (4), "Where is academic advising" (3), "Where is the bathroom" (3), "Where is room 236" (2) and "Where is Veterans Affairs" (1). We did talk to some prospective applicants, as well as counselor Geoff Young. After finishing up at EMU, we went to West Bloomfield H.S. to meet attend a Camper Expo. We had a great time meeting some prospective campers.

Today was a travel day back to the Chicago area. We got back in the early afternoon, but we'll leave again tomorrow... headed for St. Louis. It will give Andy some quality time with Vickie before she leaves for a month medical school rotation in India. Hopefully I'll get to watch the episode of Modern Family that I missed last night.

835 miles and counting...