North Star Camp for Boys

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bully for Leb! Old Man Lebby Hits 60

"Bully for Leb! Bully for Leb! Bull-bull-bully for Leb! First in war, first in peace, first in the hands of the city police! Boom-ditty-atta, boom boom! Speeeeeech..."
North Star's very own Robert "Leb" Lebby is turning 60 today and on behalf of the North Star community, we want to wish him a very happy and healthy birthday! Though it may seem a little vein that a blog called "Leb's Ramblings" is wishing it's namesake a happy birthday, Old Man Lebby and his much younger bride are off on vacation to celebrate the occasion and won't see this post for days. So while they are away, Dan and Andy are up to their usual tricks and want to make sure that Leb know's he's appreciated.

With Leb turning 60 and the upcoming summer marking his 40th summer at North Star, we want as many campers, staff, parents and alumni to give Leb a proper North Star birthday greeting as possible. So even though we won't be able to get him to stand on a chair in the Outer Lodge and make a speech, or even throw him a pizza party tonight, we want him to know that the Great and Glorious North Star party didn't forget this big occasion.

So here's the plan: Let's flood his inbox with Birthday greetings. Whether emails or e-cards, make sure you take a minute to send off a greeting to  sometime before the day is out. Hopefully there will be so many birthday wishes that his head will be spinning as much as it was when Asher B. was playing him in chess this summer (See picture)! You can also post your fondness to the North Star Facebook Page or to our Twitter account. Thanks for joining us in wishing Leb a very Happy Birthday!

"Happy Birthday, Ugh! Happy Birthday, Ugh! Misery and despair, people dying everywhere, Happy Birthday, Ugh! Happy Birthay, Ugh!"