North Star Camp for Boys

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Superstar Counselor Recognized for Other Endeavors

At North Star, we know that Zach Blumenfeld is a great counselor. As it turns out, he has some other talents too.

We've been lucky enough to have seen Zach grow up at camp since he was in the fourth grade. The keyboard playing wiz-kid quickly turned into the Jeopardy superstar (see Zach talk about North Star on Jeopardy!). As the Stevenson senior gets ready to head to Vanderbilt in the fall, even the President has started to take note of what a special young man he is.

Zach was recently named a Presidential Scholar, one of only 141 high school seniors to receive this prestigious award. This honor, in addition to his success at water polo and music, has earned Zach a couple headlines as well. Zach's award was published in the Daily Herald, and the Chicago Tribune wrote a great profile of what makes him so successful.

We are so proud of Zach and all that he has accomplished. We look forward to the successes to come, and many more great summers at North Star!