North Star Camp for Boys

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6/7/11 Pre-pre Camp Picture of the Day

We're getting ready to set sail on another great summer!

Okay, that was a little hokey... but thats life at camp. We are getting closer to getting the boats in the water, as you can see here. The Xboats were dragged out from their winter storage in Mike Hall a few days ago, and today new counselor Jon Ninneman and CIT Harrison Rosenthal spent some time getting much of our sailboat fleet set up with masts and booms in place. The rest of the sailing staff is going to owe them big time for doing much of the pre-camp dirty work.

Our crew at camp continues to grow. Much of our kitchen staff has arrived over the past few days and, at the time of this writing, another five International counselors are on their way from Minneapolis after long flights from New Zealand and points in Europe. Tomorrow another dozen or so counselors will arrive in preparation for the start of our lifeguard training. Our trip leaders actually left camp today for the first of many scouting trips. They headed out on the Flambeau River.