North Star Camp for Boys

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today was an exciting day as many of our campers traveled to Camp Nebagamon in Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin. The purpose of their trip was to compete in 8 different events, including tennis, canoeing, sailing, archery, riflery, swimming, chess, and cross country.

As important as how they played (if not more) was how they looked. Thanks to our arts and crafts director Deirde Diamond, who put in hours of her time making t-shirts for the different sports, the boys looked snazzy. The kids loved their bi-camp t-shirts. Throughout the day, the boys competed with everything they had and put a lot of effort into their events. While we did not win every event, it was clear by the end of the day that the boys had a ton of fun, and it definitely “just doesn’t matter!”