North Star Camp for Boys

Monday, July 4, 2011

What a weekend!

It's been quite a weekend up here on Spider Lake and, with it technically being a holiday weekend, we still have another day to go! Here we go with a quick recap...

We held our Friday Night Services in Mike Hall as the clouds were looming. About halfway through, the sky turned dark and a storm began that caused a power outage midway through the service. Our reader Ethan H. retrieved a flashlight so that he could continue with the service, and we finished in a unique style for a Friday night.

We were on the very edge of the storm and luckily we avoided the worst of it. We lost power for a few hours and some branches around camp. We had two cabins out on their camping trips and our trip leaders handled everything exactly as they were trained to ensure their safety. Thankfully everybody is safe and sound and  having a blast.

After the conclusion of the service, the Pine Manor campers pulled back into camp after having completed the Canadian. They drove in honking, the trademark of a returning trip, only to find out that they too had to go back to their cabins with the power out and the storm in the area. Leb and Andy went up to their cabins and heard just a few of the great stories that will be telling for a long time to come. But they would not let the storm damper their enthusiasm. They marched up before breakfast on Saturday morning to announce their return back to camp. 

The storm also caused a change in plans for the 4th of July. Birch Trail was without power for an extended period of time, and during that period, we agreed to host the social. Our guys have been working tirelessly to put together a program with 48 hours notice that will compare to last year's Avatar Social. The guys can't wait for the girls to come, and we can't wait to see what the guys have come up with!

On Saturday morning, we hosted the Spider Lake Environmental Education for Kids (SLEEK) gathering at camp. The staff from the Cable Natural History Museum taught many of our campers and some kids from around the lake about our local environment and eco-system. We were proud to host such a great event again.

We also had a very successful Rookie Weekend at camp. If you know of anybody that might be interested in our second Rookie Weekend, you can have them check out the website at or just give us a call.

Sunday night was the always exciting Glen's game, where the campers work tirelessly to get into all four "safe zones" around camp. The difficult part is that the counselors are trying to stop them by pulling their flags. The campers love trying to defeat the counselors in the game and they always go all out for this one.

And now it's the 4th of July festivities! Our morning started with sparklers on the pancakes, and a ton of excitement. And we're only just beginning!