North Star Camp for Boys

Monday, October 17, 2011

2011 Reunion Dates

We're coming to your city! We've set dates and times for our several upcoming reunions. Each reunion is a great time to come and hang out with camp friends and check out "The Summer of 2011", the movie from this past summer. Julian Iannini is putting the finishing touches on the video and you won't want to miss it. Everyone will get a copy of the video as well as the 2012 NSC Calendar at the reunion and we'll send them out to those who are unable to attend.

Here are our scheduled reunions to date:

November 1st: St. Louis, MO at the Home of the Weiser Family - 6:30pm (time is tenative)
November 3rd: Omaha, NE at the home of the Goldberg Family - 6:30pm
November 6th: Chicago, IL  at the Highland Park Community House - 3:30pm (note the location change)
November 7th: Detroit, MI at the home of the Mendel family - 7pm
November 10th: Cleveland, OH at the home of the Porter family -  6pm (note the date change)
November 13th: Nashville, TN at the home of the Yalowitz family -  5pm 
November 17th: Houston, TX at the home of the Plantowsky family 7pm

Keep an eye out for more reunion dates in Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, New York, Orlando Phoenix, San Diego, Tampa, and Washington D.C.