North Star Camp for Boys

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Staff Spotlight: Mike Storms

Mike with a batch of his famed popcorn
One of the questions that we are asked each off season by multiple parents is whether or not Mike will be back. They all know what a great job he does instilling his tennis expertise in the campers who elect to have private tennis lessons with Mikey. He's out on the courts regardless of the conditions and even the hottest days can't slow him down. If it's raining, he's out there readying to squeegee the courts so he can get back to work. Mike's enthusiasm on the court is contagious as its impossible to walk by and not take to heart his hard work and friendly attitude.

Mike is much more than our tennis pro! For one, he is also our resident pop corn popper. Once a session each village is treated to a night time popcorn treat courtesy of Mike. Occasionally he'll humor us with one of his raps, and more than occasionally we get to hear his his jokes which is always age appropriate. The residents of Spider Lake get to enjoy Mike's musical abilities. Throughout the summer he ends his day by playing his horn on Leb and Sue's dock, and then ending with a rendition of taps.

This will be Mikey's 18th summer at North Star. During the year he resides in West St. Paul, MN, where he teaches private music lessons.

More about Mike:

Favorite movie (Mike is not a TV guy): groundhog day
Best place you've ever traveled to: nsc/ Michigan Island (lighthouse)
Sports teams that you root for: grhite (green and white)
Favorite Camp Meal: dessert--any!
Favorite spot at camp: lebby's dock/council ring/ dinner table/beneath any tall pine on camp grounds
lazy day!
Earliest camp memory:  my first moments at camp 1994?;  Ross Carson walking late to dinner:  It was my first walk into camp from the parking area, and I thought,"how great that a little kid is safe here and has a direction in life--in this case , the direction was the dining hall!!
If you had a superhero power, what would it be: time travel
Best Christmas present: a letter from a close friend
Preferred chicken nugget dip: hot fudge (dessertatarian)