North Star Camp for Boys

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Staff Spotlight: Zach Blumenfeld

Zach "Blumy" Blumenfeld, life guard and game show wiz
Its hard to find a guy with as much spirit and enthusiasms as Zach "Blumy" Blumenfeld and we're thrilled that he's going to be returning for his ninth summer. Blumy's also a pretty smart guy. Its not every day that we have a counselor who has to leave early to go on Teen Jeopardy... and its not every day that we have a counselor who has to come late to camp because he need to go meet the President.

Both of these were the case with Blumy. A few summers ago he was on Teen Jeopardy, romping his opponents in the first episode. When he was interviewed by Alex Trebek, Zach told him all about his Pine Manor Canadian Trip... of course he forgot to mention North Star. Last summer Zach was selected as a Presidential Scholar representing the State of Illinois. This earned him a trip to Washington D.C. and a chance to meet President Obama. At the last minute the President was called away. Zach is currently a freshman at Vanderbilt University and, at camp, instructs fitness training and swimming.

More about Zach

Favorite TV Show: Top Chef. So intense, and the food looks amazing.

Favorite vacation spot: Aruba. Ninety-five feels like eighty with that cool tropical breeze.

Sports teams: Vanderbilt Commodores (should be my team), Stanford Cardinal (still my team), Chicago Blackhawks and Bears

Favorite camp meal: Saturday night BBQ Chicken with Rice Pilaf and Martha’s Bread. While Grilled Cheese/Tomato Soup and Assorted Pizzas are fantastic lunches, there’s nothing like sitting in a circle on the grass on a warm Saturday evening and eating your chicken, rice, and Martha’s bread with friends. Plus, Martha’s Bread is the best.

Favorite camp place: The blob, although the fishing boat docks and the Council Ring are not far behind. It’s an amazing spot to hang out and have a nice conversation while getting a tan (with sunscreen, of course). If I ever made it to 20 years I would want the blob to be named for me (Blumy’s Blob has awesome alliteration).

Favorite all-camp program: Friday Night Services. I can almost feel the ghosts of campers and counselors past every time I’m at the Council Ring, and of course the music and stories are great. Mike Storms’ rendition of “Taps” gives me chills every time I hear it. Of all programs, the Friday Night Service by far encapsulates the spirit of North Star the most, and every year my appreciation for it only grows.

My first North Star memory: I stumbled off the bus on my very first day as a camper (in 2004) with my keyboard under one arm, a pillow under the other, and my backpack on my back. I was pretty embarrassed, and I remember the tunnel of counselors saying, “Woah there” or some equivalent. Needless to say, things have improved since then. Interesting fact: this was how I opened my (college) Common Application essay.

Super Power: teleportation. Cool AND practical.

Best Hanukkah present: Jonathan Toews jersey. He is a role model for hockey players and non-hockey players alike.

Preferred nugget dip: BBQ sauce. Tastes amazing on anything.

Zach's aspirations include doing the Canadian via innertube