North Star Camp for Boys

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Staff Spotlight: Jake Spungen

Jake Spungen hails from Lake Forest, IL, where he is a junior at Stevenson High School. There he is involved with the school’s radio station and the community service club. He is also on the basketball team. We’re glad to have Jake back as a basketball, softball and disc golf instructor.

More about Jake "Spud" Spungen

Favorite tv show: sportscenter impractical jokers, and criminal minds

Best place you've ever traveled to: Israel

Sports team(s) that you root for: Blackhawks bears bulls cubs

Favorite camp meal: got to love the hamburger and fries along with the bug juice

Favorite spot at camp: i love sitting at the council ring

Favorite all camp/special program to do at camp: UN/pow wow day

If you had a super hero power, what would it be: to fly

Best Hanukkah present that you've ever gotten: a patrick kane jersey. the hawks are my favorite!

Preferred chicken nugget dip: without a doubt, barbeque

Camper Spud (2nd from left), Pow Wow Day Captain