North Star Camp for Boys

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Staff Spotlight: Ari Weil

Ari Weil leads off another set of twins on our staff. He’s a resident of Denver, CO and is a sophomore at the Denver School of Science and Technology. There he is a Spanish Peer tutor, is involved in school's gay-straight alliance and Student Council  and plays ultimate Frisbee. He is also involved in the Tuskegee Airmen's Mile High Flight Program and plays piano. At his synagogue he helps lead services with his father and examines Jewish texts in a teen ethics seminar. 

As a Counselor in Training, this will be Ari’s 7th summer at North Star and he’ll be instructing ultimate and waterskiing.

More about Ari:

Favorite TV Show: The League

Best Place I've Traveled To: Spider Lake in the winter

Sports Teams I Root For: Rockies, Brewers, Nuggets, Broncos, Packers

Favorite Camp Meal: Tom's Fish Fry

Favorite Spot At Camp: Council Ring and Riflery Range

Favorite Camp All Camp/Special Program: All Camp Capture The Flag

Earliest Camp Memory: Meeting my cabin mates and eating burgers and fries on my first night of camp

Prospective Super Power: Flying

Best Gift:
Lego Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Preferred Chicken Nugget Dip: Barbeque Sauce