North Star Camp for Boys

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Staff Spotlight: John Sheehan

Tin Man Sheehan
John Sheehan will be returning to North Star for summer #3. We first met John on our yearly trip to the University of Illinois. Again, we'll give the dinner at Papa Del's the assist on landing John. A native of Carol Stream, IL, he'll be graduating from U of I in a few weeks. He's on the look out for a job, possibly working for an NGO. John took a mission trip to Africa a few years ago, spending time in Kenya where he worked in a school, and he's shared his stories and pictures from his amazing trip with us at camp.

A member of our leadership team, John is one of our village directors. He'll return in that role as well as a basketball and waterski instructor. We're thrilled to have John back... and if anyone knows of any jobs for John, let us know... we'll be a real asset as he is at North Star!

More About John

Favorite tv show: How I Met Your Mother

Best place traveled to: Mombasa, Kenya

Sports teams that you root for: Chicago Cubs, Bulls, and Bears. And of course, although unfortunately, the Fighting Illini.

Favorite camp meal: Toasted Grilled Cheese with Hot Sauce!

Favorite spot at camp: Rocking chairs on the health center porch

Favorite program: Glen's Game

Earliest Camp Memory: Bonding with all the international guys on the trip from the airport to camp!

Super power: Be able to stroke the spine of any book and remember all the information in it.

Best Christmas Present: Lego Train as a 21 years old. Just kidding, I was 9, but it would have been just as awesome last Christmas.