North Star Camp for Boys

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Staff Spotlight: Scott Goldberg

Scott Goldberg; cake fan
We're happy to have Scott Goldberg back. He's a busy guy as a sophomore at Middlebury College in Middlebury, VT.  Apart from studying, he spends the majority of his time singing in the Dissipated Eight a cappella group, sailing competitive regattas as a part of the Sailing Club, and, believe it or not, learning how to log roll!

Scott will be returning for his 11th summer. A native of Omaha, NE, he's a second generation North Star man and a younger brother who is currently a camper. At camp, Scott can be found instructing windsurfing as well as climbing and sailing. Scott is also a member of our leadership team as one of our village directors. 

More about Scott:

Favorite TV show: Arrested Development

Best place you've ever traveled to: Bermuda

Sports team you root for: GO BIG RED!  HUSKER POWER!

Favorite camp meal: Saturday night barbecue chicken on the grill

Favorite spot at camp: The Council Ring

Favorite all camp/special program to do at camp: Playing all-camp capture the flag

Earliest/notable camp memory: Running for my U.N. Day team as Junior

Super hero power: The power to control time or the power to fly

Best Hanukkah present: I don't remember... Hanukkah was never really about the presents.  I still enjoy brunch at Gaga and Papa's; the blintz casserole is amazing.

Preferred chicken nugget dip: Honey