North Star Camp for Boys

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Fun is Continuous!

Our first full day at camp was just that - Full! The rainy skies cleared up after breakfast and allowed us all the time we needed for physicals, swim tests, and the all-important games of Continuous Dodgeball. This game has truly become a staple of the first day at camp, where a whole village is out on the athletic fields playing an every-man-for-themselves version of dodgeball. The twist on the first day is that when you get somebody out, you have to go introduce yourself to that person. Between the candlelight ceremonies that took place last night, and the various activities throughout the day, this helped facilitate an environment whereby all the of the campers know the names of their fellow campers.

Continuous Dodgeball is more than just a technique for introductions. It is also an opportunity for the energy of the North Star community to be on full display. Campers and counselors alike were out there having a blast while trying their hardest and demonstrating great sportsmanship. Matty N, one of our J-1 counselors, came to play as "Captain Underpants" to encourage the campers to bring their enthusiasm. And it worked.

The next outlet for our staff's creativity came in the form of our Opening Banquet. The guys decided to dress up and celebrate the arrival of our campers with some good old fashion goofiness. As all of the campers entered the Lodge this evening for dinner, they were again greeted by a crowd of crazy and excited counselors. We have such a great group of campers here this summer, and we are so proud to welcome these guys (back) into the North Star family.
For evening program, we played our first game of All-Camp Capture the Flag! We start by dividing the whole camp into two teams, and then create flag circles on completely opposite ends of camp. We rang a bell and they were off. The whole camp was in high-gear in pursuit of the other teams flag. It was a great showdown, with 11-year-old Clarence W. bringing the flag across the line for the game winning point.

While the night was through then for most of our boys, our oldest group was preparing to leave for Canada. Tomorrow morning, they will take off on their 10-day journey through Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario. They did some training today along with packing, and the group also gathered at Leb and Sue's house for a proper send-off. We talked about the significance of the trip and previewed just how much fun these guys are going to have. We're so excited for them and can't wait to hear the stories when they get back!