North Star Camp for Boys

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Leb's Visiting Weekend Reflections

The first session of year one under the direction of Andy has come and gone and it's an appropriate time to sit back and reflect upon the summer. First of all, this past weekend we had over 150 visitors and they were treated to a beautiful and moving Friday night service. The theme of character building and the camper chorus, counselor chorus, sermonette and of course, the key logs were moving and came from the heart.

Many parents in attendance were former campers and counselors with either Sue and myself or Lou and Renee. The comments I heard were how beautiful camp looked and how meaningful the service was. At the end of the program Andy spoke about how unusual it is is for a group of boys to be able to stand in front of a group of over 350 people and express their appreciation and thanks to their parents, counselors and people that meant something to them. It's very true that the community that came together on Friday night.... parents, campers and staff felt part of something very special.

The staff that Andy and Dan Lichtenstein, our associate director, put together is fantastic! Every one of them has committed to being part of a community centered around creating a community that cares about kids, that wants to have fun with kids, to be around kids and to make a special place for kids. I believe each one feels that being part of the camp community is special and a place that is bigger than themselves.

I believe that if our country and world are to be entrusted to the type of young adults that represent this summers staff, then I feel very confident about "our" future. I believe that every adult that visited this past weekend would concur.

Our campers are having a blast! Watching them play games; interact with each other and their counselors; come back from their cabin overnight trips; choose and participate in their favorite activities and get excited about special events such as United Nations Day; espionage and the 4th of July party with Birch Trail has been a lot of fun.

This weekend I was asked by a few visitors what it's like to have stepped down from the director and ownership. Some asked if it was difficult.

I'll share with you what I said. It has not been difficult at all! I'm loving being able to come and go as I please and to be able to watch a spectacular summer unfold. It is absolute pure joy to watch the kids have fun and love camp as much as they do.

And that's the real point! Camp is better than ever! Sue and I are POSITIVE that camp is in great hands. We are sure that North Star will continue as one of the very finest summer camps anywhere and that the values that North Star has represented will continue for future generations.

Most importantly, it's no longer a hope or a believe. It's now fact. The completed first session was as good or better than any other in our history! Andy's leadership is proven!

So, without being over dramatic, corny and completely over the top I can answer with complete and total honesty what's it like to be the ex-owner/ director.

Absolutely spectacular!! The satisfaction in knowing that North Star's future is rock solid is extremely gratifying! And with that knowledge I am able to sit back, relax and have a blast watch it all unfold.

And better yet, I am sure that your kids are having even more fun than I!

Chairs Up,