North Star Camp for Boys

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Camp Moves North Star: Updated 10/12/14

Throughout the month of October, the American Camp Association has challenged anyone and everyone who has been impacted by camp to help raise money to send kids to camp. Their Camp Moves Me campaign encourages us all to set up accounts, be active for the month, and find sponsors to pledge us. Through our activity (running, hiking, walking, etc), our sponsors will make donations that will find camp scholarships. Check out Andy's Camp Moves Me video below.

So we're challenging the North Star community. You can get involved in two ways. 

Here is a list of North Star folks who have joined the Camp Moves Me fundraising campaign along with links to their pages. Click on any of their pages and become a sponsor.

Andy Shlensky:
Michael Berger:
Zach Blumenfeld:
Dan Lichtenstein:
Nate Lundin:
Nathan Margrett:
Oliver Rockman:
Dani Vargas:

Update - Added 10/12/2014:
Spencer Kent:
Jason Mann:

Or you can do one better... join the campaign and create your own Camp Moves Me page. You create a page, commit to run, hike, bike, walk, etc, and then encourage people to sponsor you. By raising just $30, you'll receive the official Camp Moves Me t-shirt, and if you raise more you'll have a chance to win great prizes from Toms, Chacos, Crazy Creek, and more. Once you set up your page, email us at with your page information. We'll add your name to the list and spread the word that you've taken the challenge. 

Lets show everyone how much camp means to us all and lets help send kids to camp!