North Star Camp for Boys

Friday, September 25, 2015

Join Team North Star and Send Kids to Camp!

October marks Camp Moves Me, a month long fundraising effort through the American Camp Association. Camp Moves Me seeks to raise money to send kids to camp. Last year, in the inaugural Camp Moves Me, North Star was the top camp, with more participants than any other camp and we want to keep it that way. 

Anyone can sign up, but we hope that lots of NSC campers, staff, alumni and friends will join in. Anyone interested in helping raise money for camp scholarships can join in by creating their own Camp Moves Me page and then, over the month of October run, walk, swim or do any other physical activity. By finding sponsors (family and friends), each of us can help raise money and help provide camp opportunities to those in need! 

Anyone interested can join the cause. Visit the Camp Moves Me page here: 
and register. You’ll get a follow-up email on how to personalize your page and share it with family and friends who will sponsor and donate to your pledge! Then email Andy at or Dan at and send us your Camp Moves Me page so that we can share it, too!


The American Camp Association wants to raise $100,000 to send kids to camp so lets make sure that North Star is a big part of exposing more kids to camp!

Support the NSC participants (more to come):
Zach Blumenfeld -
Lucas Kasle -
Ethan Levy -
Dan Lichtenstein -
Jason Mann -
Chad Prater -
Oliver Rockman -
Andy Shlensky -
Vickie Shlensky -
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