North Star Camp for Boys

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Introducing the NSC Fieldhouse

On Tuesday, we broke ground on North Star's newest addition: The NSC Fieldhouse! While the name is subject to change, the building will be home to a large indoor recreation area that take rainy days to a whole new level (even though it never rains at North Star). Inside will be a full-size basketball court with two courts across it, a fitness center, a rec room and a mezzanine clubhouse.
The building will be ready to go and useable for the Summer of 2016, though we'll still be working on the finishing touches. On our normal beautiful days in the Northwoods, basketball will remain in its home on the outdoor court. On rainy days, it'll host giant games of dodgeball, basketball, kickball, floor hockey and more. While rainy days have always been fun at camp, they will now be active as well.  
The building will be on the current archery range, and archery will remain in the vicinity as well, just at a new angle to keep a safe distance.  The fitness center will move from into the building as well from its temporary location last summer. Ecology will get to move back into its hold home in the Rookery, which will serve as a permanent home for Pathfinders as well. 
It will certainly be a great night time home for Villa Ball and staff recreation as well. The building will be fully lit and will have a sport court finish to be used for all sorts of activities. It will also be great for winter storage as well. Keep an eye out for more pictures coming soon!