North Star Camp for Boys

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Staff Spotlight - Max Goldberg

Max Goldberg returns to the NSC staff. The Omaha, Nebraska native well represents Husker Nation as the biggest Nebraska athletics fan on staff. This will be his 9th summer at camp. In the fall he'll be a senior at Westside High School in Omaha. At camp he'll be instructing primarily windsurfing and sailing.

More about Max

If you could be any animal (besides a human), what would you be and why?
- I would be a cheetah so I could run super fast.

What is your favorite cartoon Character:
- Jimmy Neutron

Where is your favorite spot at camp:
- The Council Ring

If you had a super hero power, what would it be:
- Flying would be really cool.

What is the best Christmas/Hanukkah present that you've ever gotten:
- Nintendo Wii

What is your preferred chicken nugget dip:
- Half barbecue sauce, half ketchup.

What are your top three movies of all time:
- Harry Potter, The Incredibles,  & The Princess Bride

What's your go-to pie at the Norske Nook?
- Turtle

What is a little Known fact about yourself:
- I once read the entire Harry Potter Series in a week.

Share one notable camp memory:
- The first stretch of the Canadian.