North Star Camp for Boys

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 4th at NSC

July 4th is a great day at North Star. We started off with a patriotic breakfast grace as Andy read the beginning of The Declaration of Independence after camp was welcomed into the lodge to a playlist of America-themed music, such as "Party in the U.S.A." by Miley Cyrus and "Born in the U.S.A." by Bruce Springsteen. The 4th of July is special at camp as we are able to celebrate Independence Day with people from all over the country and all over the world.

After cabin cleanup, we began the Green-White Marathon. The marathon is one of the biggest events in our Green-White competition each session. Each of the two teams races to complete a massive relay race that features most (if not all) of the activities at camp. The marathon begins with a running relay and then moved to funbugging, paddle boating and paddle boarding. A runner then heads to the lower tennis courts for a floor hockey passing competition which precedes the Junior Obstacle Relay. Other camp activities such as archery, climbing, riflery, canoeing, swimming, log-rolling and biking are included in the Marathon. There are also some events that are not activities at camp but add to the fun of the marathon. Examples include the soda chug (smart campers get lemonade), tent making, bed making, setting and clearing a table and making a sun-butter and jelly sandwich. The marathon ends with "Boil Water Boil", which is a race to boil a pot of water over an open fire. The fires are always quite impressive and this event is a favorite because the rest of camp gathers around and cheers on their teammates as they build the fire. The 2017 marathon was a close affair with multiple lead changes. The Green team capitalized on taking a lead into "Boil Water Boil" and boiled their water first. The marathon is the biggest team event we have at camp. Each event matters, and it is always great to see campers cheering on and encouraging their teammates throughout.

After lunch we held the 3rd annual Dan Lichtenstein Softball Classic, which is a staff softball game during rest period. Shortly after the game Birch Trail arrived for our 4th of July social, which was Moana themed this year. After greeting the girls on the athletic fields, the campers divided into age groups for getting-to-know-you games. We then had an organized free period so that the boys could show their sisters, old friends or new friends some of their favorite activities at camp. We then had a picnic dinner of hamburgers and hotdogs, and for desert our kitchen staff made an amazing cupcake arrangement of the American Flag with over 700 cupcakes. After dinner the boys and girls showed their camp spirit in cheers. We then had another organized free, this time featuring offerings such as s'more making and a dance party on the upper tennis courts. We are glad our friends from Birch Trail joined us for such a great social!

Today is cruiser day, meaning that each of the cabins will have a unique schedule and will spend the day together. The senior village left camp in the morning for Wild Mountain water park in Taylor's Falls, Minnesota. They will spend the day there before returning this evening. The rest of camp will enjoy a cookout dinner on this beautiful evening.