North Star Camp for Boys

Monday, March 5, 2018

Protect the Boundary Waters

For those of you who have gone on the Canadian trip, or paddled the Boundary Waters, you know firsthand the natural beauty of this area. This is a call to action to help protect those waters.

From Stephanie Hanson at Camp Nebagamon:
The BWCAW is being threatened by two mining operations, the Polymet mine and the Twin Metals mine, which would be located within 20 miles of each other on the border of the Boundary Waters.  Both are sulfide mining operations.  Sulfide mines are notorious for toxic water pollution; in fact there is not a single case of a sulfide mine that has not resulted in polluted drainage from its operations. Placing a sulfide mine on the edge of a watery ecosystem is a recipe for disaster. The Polymet mine is close to becoming reality. We have an opportunity to submit comments to the Minnesota DNR about whether Polymet should be granted permits to mine; the comment period closes Tuesday.  Please go to this link and make your voice heard. 
 Please join us in helping to preserve these beautiful waters for generations to come!