North Star Camp for Boys

Monday, June 25, 2018

The First Week!

An array of pinks, oranges, and reds painted the back drop at the Council Ring as campers gathered for the opening friendship fire. This annual tradition marks the end of a jam packed first week of the 74th summer at North Star.

After their initial health checks and swim tests were completed on Tuesday, most of the campers transitioned into the daily routine of camp. The cabins of Pine, Manor and McCabin left on Wednesday for their 10 day excursion to Quetico Provincial Park in Canada. These boys are due to return to camp on Friday the 29th. The cabin of S1 also departed for their 5 day expedition on the Superior Hiking trail in northern Minnesota. Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented amount of rainfall we received in the days leading up to the campers' arrival, the rivers in the surrounding area are running dangerously fast. As a result, we have had to postpone and modify S2's and S3's cabin trips. These boys will now be canoeing and portaging in Sylvania Michigan.

Back in camp, activities are in full swing. The boys have been able to enjoy 6 full days of sunshine and seventies. All camp capture the flag, Kings Candy and our first Friday night service are a few of the highlights from this weeks evening programs. The campers also had the opportunity to reflect on their past week and look ahead to the coming week during their cabin campfires.

The annual Green/White Series is also officially underway. Jasper Chazen and Will Garnes were selected as the captains for the Junior Village. Milton Hafron and Ethan Nguyen will be representing the Intermediate Village, and Bodie Florsheim and Jack Foreman are the Senior Village's delegates. For this series of events, all campers are placed on either the Green or White team and compete in different sports or activities and earn points for their respective teams. The Green/White competition culminates with the "Marathon" which will take place on the morning of July 4th!

Finally, in addition to our youngest camper, Anderson Boehm, Avi Rubin, Jayden Cohen, and Jack Sollinger celebrated birthdays this past week!

It's been such a busy week and there is still so much more camping left to do! Stay tuned for more updates from the Northwoods!