North Star Camp for Boys

Sunday, July 12, 2020

An Egg-cellent Day

Tonight’s evening program was the Egg Drop. Every cabin group had an egg to drop off the top of the climbing wall, and each group was tasked with creating a casing for their egg such that it wouldn’t crack when it hit the ground. Each cabin was given some duct tape, string, rubber bands, a paper cup, and a ziplock bag as materials to build their casing, and they were also allowed to use anything they could find in nature to add on to protect the egg. The boys were very creative in coming up with different designs, and while most made parachutes, cabin J-1 filled their plastic bag with water to absorb the shock of the fall. And while everyone nearby ended up wet, the egg was intact! It was an egg-cellent evening.

There are still no suspected cases of Covid-19 in camp. Tomorrow we will begin our next round of testing for our entire community. 

Every morning, the boys have cabin clean-up before they are able to go to their first activity period of the day. As of today, we are adding each cabin’s picnic bench area as part of their points for cabin clean-up to ensure all garbage is being cleaned up after meals. This will help keep camp beautiful and serve as motivation for the boys to pick up after themselves each breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Second period was Wacky One-Day, which is a time when out-of-the-ordinary activities are offered to campers. Most cabins chose to work on their egg casing for the evening program, but S1 had fun learning how to change a car tire. During this quarantine period, we’re trying our best to think outside the box to plan fun activities that are different from what campers are used to. Who knows, dog washing may be on the ballot for next week! 

After eating baked ziti and salad for lunch, the boys went back to their cabins for rest period before 3rd period and organized free. Although the slip n’ slide makes our office hill fairly muddy, the boys love it so much that we are still offering it during specific activity periods. The mud will dry up, but the fun memories will live on! 

Today’s Grace:

“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.”

-James Baldwin

Be seated.