North Star Camp for Boys

Friday, July 10, 2020


Today we can confirm that every member of our community, both camper and staff, has again tested negative for Covid-19. We will continue to be vigilant about our two-week cabin quarantine until we have completed the time period and have again tested every member of our community with a negative result. While I know that the cabin quarantine was a source of anxiety before the summer, it has been widely considered a huge success here at camp as the boys have really enjoyed spending time with their friends and counselors as well as appreciating the consistency as they emerged from their own quarantines at home.

As we have rounded the corner into our second full week of camp, the overnight rains were a poignant reminder that many cabin groups have entered the second phase of group dynamics referred to as the “storming” period. When everyone arrives at camp, or in any new situation, a group starts in the honeymoon phase. During the honeymoon, everyone is looking to find common ground, impress one another and tend to be anxious about deviating from the group. Then, after things get settled, the group starts storming, which is defined by the emergence of conflict. The boys begin to bicker about small things, call each other names and test boundaries. Even though this period of time comes with some hurt feelings, it’s an important learning experience for every camper to learn how to address his own feelings and communicate his own needs with his cabinmates and counselors. While people often try to avoid conflict, we are working to teach that conflict is a natural part of life, and we want our campers to be able to appropriately address disagreements to be able to work towards new solutions. 

All of that is happening on days filled with archery, mountain biking, fishing and arts and crafts. The heat returned this afternoon and we had another evening filled with water activities, sprinkler fun and slip n’ sliding. Cabins I1, I2 & I3 ventured out on day trips today to explore Copper Falls, Morgan Falls and St. Peter’s Dome. Add in tubing, yoga, dodgeball and a Green-White challenge period, and it was a great full day up in the Northwoods.

Today’s Grace:

“I am more interested in the future than in the past,

For that is where I expect to spend the rest of my life.”

  • Charles Franklin Kettering

Be seated.