North Star Camp for Boys

Thursday, August 5, 2021

North Star Field Games

The first three periods today were instructional periods, meaning the boys attended three activities that they elected at the beginning of the week. Sailing was a hit today with some big wind gusts creating large waves across Brewer’s Bay. While many of us might think of capsizing as a downside of sailing, when our boys report back to their counselors what their favorite part of the day sailing was, intentionally capsizing their sail boats comes up quite a bit. The counselors that are instructing sailing have chase boats to follow the sail boats and coach the kids on how to uncapsize their boats when they need to. Afterall, success is not measured by how many times you fall (or capsize), but how many times you right your sailboat and continue on.

One of the highlights of the second session is called North Star Games. It is similar to United Nations Day where the camp is split into four teams and competes in a variety of events. The captains were announced on Sunday evening, teams were drafted on Monday evening and throughout the week we have had practices before the big day on Saturday. The theme of North Star Games is constellations. This year the teams are Lacerta (lizards), Capricornus (horned goats), Aries (from a ram’s horn), and Cetus (often called ‘the whale’ after a sea monster in Greek mythology). While the official opening ceremony is tomorrow evening after the Friday Night Service and the full day of events is on Saturday, this evening began the first official events for these games of astronomical importance. 

Tonight we had our Field Games for North Star Games during evening program. These events counted towards the point total for the big day. Some of the more “traditional” team events this evening included Kickball (for Seniors/Intermediates) and Dodgeball. Then, there were plenty of lawn games including croquet, baggo, Kan-Jam, Bocce Ball, washers and more. One of my favorite events of the night was the croquet match where the kids decided to all go to Mike Hall and pick out a costume to wear for the event. Some of the campers were in one-piece jumpsuits, fancy jackets and even a Scooby Doo costume. That enthusiasm and creativity just perfectly encapsulates what it is to be a North Star camper. And, not to mention, the croquet event was super close too! Over at Bocce Ball, if it ever makes its way into the real Olympics, we may have some worthy participants who got their start here at North Star! If the enthusiasm and sportsmanship I saw tonight is what happens on Saturday as well, we will have an incredibly successful North Star Games.

Tomorrow is a day of activities, a Friday Night Service written and led by our wonderful CITs and our always special opening ceremonies for North Star Games. Chairs up!