North Star Camp for Boys

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Our First Cruiser Day!

While it’s often hard to remember what day it is at camp during the summer, you can count on Tuesdays to be different. Tuesdays at camp are called Cruiser Days. We take a break from our typical programming and have cabin based programming throughout the day on a different and more relaxed schedule. In many ways, Cruiser Days are like our weekend at North Star.

Cruiser Days start with a relaxed breakfast of delicious donuts, fruit and cereal. Then campers do a big cabin cleanup where they do a deeper clean and mop up the cabin. Then it’s on to the activities that they laid out for the day.

The boys work with their counselors to select activities for the day that range from the regular array of camp activities to the wacky, special events that bring out the best on Cruiser Day. Some of the things the boys enjoyed today including a slip-and-slide, barge building, spaghetti scavenger hunt, pizza making, treasure hunt around camp, Musky Fun, and tubing.

One Cruiser Day each session is a Cruiser Day with their whole age group. Today J7 - I6 participated in what they called Dynasty Day, which had alternative competitions all around camp with everyone divided into 4 teams. They were primarily silly events that kept the kids engaged all day.

And in the evening, every cabin cooks out dinner over the fire at their own campfire site. Tonight was the North Star classic Tin Foil Surprise, in which you take potatoes, carrots, onions, ground beef and cheese, and cook them altogether in tin foil to get a delicious outcome. And of course s’mores for dessert!

Tomorrow the boys will begin their new sets of 3-day activities, that they elected on Monday evening. Cabins J-6 and S-5 returned from their camping trips today as well.

Yesterday’s Grace:
“Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and the shadows will fall behind you.”
- Walt Whitman