North Star Camp for Boys

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

What a Night! The Big Ten & Espionage

What a night at camp it was! A perfect Northwoods summer day was winding down with a picnic dinner when the vans rolled right through the middle of the meal honking and signaling the Big Ten! The Big Ten is a roast of sorts where we honor those who are spending their tenth summer at North Star. Everyone knew that we were celebrating six folks who are spending their 10th summer at camp: (in alphabetical order) Robyn Boehm, Elliot Bramson, Ethan Doane, Miles Goldberg, Rob Porter and Jack Soble. But one of the surprises was that we added a 7th tonight with the addition of Jack Yonover, who arrived in that van and is staying the rest of the summer. We also are lucky to add Bobby Becker back to the staff as well. Ten years at North Star shows an incredible love and commitment to this place, and we were so happy to honor all of them. I am so proud of the work that all seven of these honorees have done here at North Star, and am lucky to work alongside this great bunch.

After we finished the funny stories, showing off the pictures, and enjoying the wonderful cake, it was on to the next part of our evening - Espionage! Espionage is a game that takes place after dark and is one of the most highly anticipated moments of the session. The boys get dressed up in dark clothes and paint their faces with camouflage paint to play a game full of sneaking around camp to complete a mission. The theme of this year’s Espionage was Despicable Me, and the event started with a great skit with our talented counselors playing Minions and Gru. From there, each group was instructed to go back to their cabins to find their first clue as to where to go next. The campers work with their guides to collect the clues (and earn bananas) in order to save the North Star, which Gru had stolen. Finally the campers are tasked with sneaking into the Council Ring. After the results were in, the cabins of J-6, I-6, and S-1 were crowned victorious. As they were most successful sneaking and maneuvering their way through camp.

And now tomorrow we get to sleep in for Peels Day (sleep spelled backwards)! Tomorrow we’ll have our elections for President and Vice President of the Great and Glorious North Star Party! We’ll also have our Counselor Camper Hunt and our Green-White Series to close out the Green-White competition for the session. As of today, every cabin has completed their camping trip as well.

Today’s Grace:
“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
- Hamlet, Shakespeare