North Star Camp for Boys

Sunday, August 7, 2022

The North Star Games

Yesterday was the 5th annual North Star Games! During the North Star Games, the camp is split into four different teams whose mascots are chosen from a list of constellations and planets. The four teams were Neptune, Volpecula, Scorpius and Hydrus. On Friday night, we opened the games with a ceremony of torch lighting and learning about the importance of the North Star. Each team had their own torch and flame, but the captains came together with their torches as well, to remind us that we are still one camp. Although it was a cloudy night, the sky lit up with fireworks to end the ceremony.
On Saturday, the sky was dark, but the rain stayed to the south, allowing for an uninterrupted day full of competition, fun and good sportsmanship. After an early wake up and a delicious bagel breakfast, the day began with cheers, runoffs and all camp leg wrestling. The teams competed and participated in almost every activity at camp, from sports like Polaris Ball, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee and Football to specialty activities like Archery, Riflery and Climbing to water sports of all types. Lunch during North Star Games is a silent affair with no cheering, talking or noise of any kind, reminding us that there is no sound in space. The scores were close at lunchtime, leading to a memorable afternoon. After lunch, the staff played one pitch softball in order to determine the eating order for our dinner picnic, and each and every camper participated in a team-wide tug of war. The day continued with sports such as speedball and disc golf, and water sports including a variety of canoeing and swimming events, log rolling as well as Water Polo.
Following a fabulous dinner and much stalling, including a news report of a bear who took up residence in a family’s car, the final scores were announced. Neptune, the leader at lunch, won the day, followed by Hydrus, Volpecula and Scorpius (even though it just doesn’t matter!). On days like these with the camp split up, it is so wonderful to see how quickly all the boys laugh, smile and play together at the end of the day despite the competition. It was an amazing day and a great way to kick off the action packed action packed last week of camp.

Today’s Grace:
“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”
- Theodore Roosevelt