North Star Camp for Boys

Monday, June 7, 2010

PPC Picture of the Day

Our climbers have gotten so good that we decided that we needed to add a new challenge to the climbing wall... so we've removed the bottom two rows of panels and climbers are going to have to figure out creative ways to get up the wall.

This is actually how we keep the climbing wall over the off-season. The bottom two rows of panels are removed at the end of August and then re-attached before the campers arrive.

Our first batch of counselors have finally arrived. We had four counselors who arrived last night... strike that, they arrived this morning. Due to flight delays they didn't get to camp until about 1:15am. Not too much for guys who had spent the previous day plus flying from places like Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

More staff arrive tomorrow and we'll triple in size between now and Thursday as we welcome staff taking life guarding, our trip leaders, more kitchen staff as well as our administrative staff.