North Star Camp for Boys

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

PPC Picture of the Day

One of the biggest changes everyone will notice this summer is the improvements to our tennis and basketball courts. The Wisconsin winters take a toll on the courts as a small, hairline crack can turn into a the Grand Canyon within a matter of a year or two.

This spring we had the courts fixed up. All cracks were filled and the courts were resurfaced. Here you can see the crew applying the first of two layers of green paint, before lines were ultimately painted. The courts are all in great shape now and we know Tennis Mike and the rest of the tennis will be thrilled with their new digs.

Here's a bonus pic... a shot of the completed tennis courts.

Rain descended upon the Northwoods today as we got some much needed precipitation. More counselors have descended upon the camp as well... our entire trip staff and kitchen crew will be here by nights end as well as the rest of the counselors taking life guarding.