North Star Camp for Boys

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Staff Spotlight: Jonah Baim

Jonah Baim showing his mad defensive skills in speedball

Amongst our quality staff, there is one guy who is heads above the rest, and thats Jonah Baim. Jonah quite literally towers above others, measuring in at 6' 5"... at least when we last saw him. Chances are, he'll be closer to 6' 7" by this summer.

At school, he puts his altitude advantage to good use, playing on the Highland Park. H.S. varsity basketball team. He's also a volleyball player. Currently a junior at HPHS, he is also working as a mahonic at his local temple and is becoming a peer tutor. He's an excellent counselor and we're thrilled to have him back as as climbing and sailing instructor.

More about Jonah

Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld

Best Place you've Traveled to Travel: Israel

Teams you root for: The Bulls and Bears

Favorite Camp Meal: Gilled cheese and tomato soup

Favorite Place at Camp: Top of the climbing wall

Favorite All Camp Activity: North Star ball (another volunteer to be the ball runner)

Earliest Camp Memory: Making a rubber band chain that stretched from J-2 to the upper tennis courts

If you had a superhero power, what would it be:Telekenisis

Best Hanukkah Present you've Ever Gotten: Playstation 2

Preferred Chicken Nugget Dipping Sauce: A mix of honey and ketchup