North Star Camp for Boys

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Staff Spotlight: Robyn Kirk

Robyn (L) after a strenuous Guten Gallop
Many camps have to search far and wide to find a good office manager. Landing someone who happens to have their summer free, is organized, and able to handle all the other fun stuff that comes through the main office isn't an easy task. We didn't have to look so far when it came to Robyn... she's seemingly been a part of the North Star family since the days when she and her best friend Vickie Sandler came to camp each summer to visit Vickie's then boy friend Andy. Vickie, Robyn and Andy have been friends since high school and Robyn was the Maid of Honor in their wedding. 

We're thrilled to have Robyn back for her third summer. She does a great job keeping our office running on all cylinders. She's the friendly voice that you hear when you call the camp office during the summer. She also helps out a lot on our waterfront, both at swim point and at waterskiing. During the year she resides in St. Paul, MN where she’s a deaf educator.

Favorite TV Show: Right now its New Girl, but I also love Modern Family and Jeopardy.

Best place you've traveled to: Sweden

Team you root for: The Packers
Favorite Camp Meal: Kosher Delights- Bacon Wrapped Hot dogs cooked over a fire, no cheese
Favorite Spot at camp: Either the path to swim point or the driver's spot on a ski boat
Favorite All Camp Program: Predator Prey or Pow Wow Day
Earliest camp memory: Coming to Hayward to visit my North Star Friends for the first time in 2003 and being scared to actually enter the camp property
If you had a superhero power, what would it be: Transfiguration
Best Christmas present you ever got: I was pretty jazzed when I got the original Nintendo game way back in the day
Preferred Chicken Nugget Dip: Definitely honey mustard. Sometimes the chicken finger just becomes a vehicle to eat more of it. 

Robyn (L) and Kacy out for an evening paddle