North Star Camp for Boys

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Welcome to Second Session!

Now that we are a couple days into second session, it is time for an update on how the first few days are going. After the busses rolled into camp on Sunday, we immediately got underway with unpacking and then challenge games.  challenge games are when cabins compete with each other in a sport.  We do this the first night in order to get everyone moving and getting to know each other.  After challenge games, every cabin had a candlelight ceremony where the campers expressed their goals for the summer. 

On Monday we had our swim tests and physicals.  Each cabin went down to swim point and took a swim test to make sure they were ready for waterfront activities and the cabin trip.    They also went down to the health center to get checked out.  On Monday night we had a game of all-camp capture the flag to finish off the game. 

On Tuesday, we had our first full day of activities.  The campers signed up for six three-day projects for the first week of camp.  After lunch, we had another challenge games and an organized free period. 

On Thursday, we will have our first cruiser day of the session.  Cruiser day is a day where the entire cabin stays together and does various activities.