North Star Camp for Boys

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Staff Spotlight: Fanni Sereg

Fanni Sereg joins us for her first summer as a member of the kitchen staff. Fanni lives in Sárospatak, Hungary but is learning in Budapest at Budapest university of business and economics. She has 2 younger brother and a younger sister, as well as 2 bunnies. Fanni has a very great relationship with her mum.

More about Fanni

What is your dream vacation?

A secret hobby or skill that you have?

Playing with my bunnies
What TV show or movie are you ashamed to admit that you love?

Well I think I don't have this.
If you could witness any historical event, what would you want to see?

French revolution
How did you learn about North Star and why did you apply?

First I checked the camp's website. I really like sports so it fits to me.
What noteworthy/random/menial jobs have you held?

I was random people's tourist guide.
What got you interested in cooking?

Delicious foods.

What are your favorite things to cook/bake?