North Star Camp for Boys

Thursday, May 24, 2018

2018 Staff Spotlight - Rudy Rizo

Rodolfo "Rudy" Rizo returns for his 3rd summer. The native of Oaxaca, Mexico has been working in our kitchen and will be working along side our kitchen manager helping keep things ortanized.

Since he returned to Mexico after last summer, he began with his teaching practice in different schools ,this takes almost all the time he has. In December he made a trip with Sandy (also a returning North Star kitchen staff member) in their motorcycle to the beach. We're excited to see Rudy soon!

More about Rudy

What is my favorite camp meal?!
-  Breakfast  pizza

If you could be any animal what would you be and why ?
- An eagle, because of the capacity they have to see their prey from a long distance and the great ability they have to fly long distances.

What is your guilty pleasure tv show ?
- The walking dead

Favorite spot at camp?
- Water front , because the view is so  awesome , it doesn’t mater If it’s in the morning or afternoon.

Dream job?
- Work for the embassy, as a police or consul.

Best Christmas present gotten ?
- When I was 10 year I got my first bicycle 🚲 and that bike took me to school for 2 years

Favorite subject in school ?
- German classes and etymology

Top three movies of all time?
- Psycho  from Alfred Hitchcock, Django Unchained & Schindler’s list

Random known fact about me.
- When I was 8 years old , I went to a summer camp in California and we visited a NASA place

, since that experience I got in love with summer camps and that’s the reason I come back to North Star