North Star Camp for Boys

Monday, December 15, 2014

We'll be there in 2015

We're almost ready to turn the calendar from 2014 to 2015, we're excited about the great campers that will be at North Star this summer. Below is our latest update of campers. 

We're excited to have the following returning campers back at North Star:
Chicago, IL: Aaron Stone
Deerfield, IL: Brett Needelman & Chase Needelman
Bellaire, TX: Josh Davidson

We welcome the following new campers for their first summers at North Star:
Denver, CO: Martin Askenazi, Jack Heller & Noah Zemel
Deerfield, IL: Ethan Blacher
Glencoe, IL: Will Glauberman
Highland Park,  IL: Colby Treschl
Chesterfield, MO: Charlie Solomon
Bexley, OH: Ethan Nguyen & Grant Nguyen
Mequon, WI: Jacob Bakalinsky

Want to see who else will be at camp in 2015? Here is our October list of new and returning campers. 
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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Send us your NSC Gear Pics!

Is it really almost winter break? Many of you are down to your last few days of school for 2015 and  we know that you are looking forward to a few weeks off. For some that may mean some time to relax at home, catch up on shows that have been on the DVR for a few weeks, and hang out with friends. We know that many of you are headed out of town, off to visit family, spend some time in the sun, or hitting up the slopes for skiing and snowboarding.

Whatever your plans are, have a great winter break!  For those of you headed out of town, first and foremost, we hope that your travels are safe and without much hassle (yes, easier said that done). Have a great time wherever you go and make sure you end 2015 and start 2016 in great fashion!

One more thing... When you're packing your bags, don't forget to bring along your favorite NSC shirt, hoodie or other camp gear!
Winter break is the perfect time to send us along your NSC Gear Pics from all over the globe. We love seeing our campers sporting their NSC clothes, whether its on a ski hill in Colorado, in front of an International monument or even in your living room. Make sure to get a pic and send it along so we can share it with the rest of the NSC family.

Here's how you can share your NSCGearPics with us

- Email it to

- Post it on facebook and tag North Star in the pic

- Post it on Twitter or Instragram and tag @northstarcamp and #NSCGearPics

We'll make sure to share that pic with your camp friends and add you to our NSCGearPics album. We've got a great collection of pics from campers, staff and alumni and we are looking forward to seeing lots of new cool pics from your adventures, whether that adventure is across the ocean or in your own back yard.

Have a great winter break!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Siren News Update: From the Office

We hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Whether you traveled somewhere or stayed home, hopefully your holiday was filled with fun family visits, good food and a bit of downtime. Its crazy to think that the calendar has now turned to December and we're just a few weeks from winter break and the holidays!

As I wrote in my last Siren entry, Andy and I headed up to camp for a few days towards the end of November. We wanted to check in with our caretaker Tom and see how our off season improvement projects are going. While winter at camp can bring tough conditions, that can't slow Tom down as this is when our maintenance projects have to happen. This year is no different as we have the following projects ongoing:

J-Village Washhouse Renovation
We know that this project will make our campers and staff very happy. Our main washhouse is in the midst of a major renovation. We started by gutting the existing shower area and enlarged it to include the area that housed our hot water heaters. The concrete floors were removed and replaced with a new drainage system. The concrete was a key because it was important that the new concrete was poured and cured before winter set in. 

By the time camp starts, the new shower area will see a total of 14 showers. Those showers will be fed by new tankless water heaters which will ensure enough hot water for all of our Junior and Intermediate campers and staff. New dividers, walls and an epoxy floor will make the washhouse look great! We'll also be adding more sinks to the washhouse and freshen up the walls!

Kings Lodge Renovation
Last summer we divided the Kings Lodge cabin into two sides. We were faced with the prospects of
having two really large Pine Manor cabins or three more manageable cabins first session. In order to make sure that the Canadian trip experience was the best possible, we wanted to have group sizes that weren't too big. The result was successful and this year we wanted to configure the two cabins to be as comfortable as possible for campers and counselors

Once camp ended, the building's interior was gutted. Tom, working with his brother-in-law Art, then moved the counselor quarters from the ends of the building to the middle of the building. The finished project will mean that the camper quarters are bigger, with the cabin configured much like the J-4/J-5 cabin is.Tom and Art finished this project while we were at camp and the cabins looked great!

I-1 Renovation
Over the years, our I-Village cabins received lots of TLC, with work done both on the interior and exteriors of the cabins. I-1 was one cabin that didn't receive an overall renovation. I-1 is a log cabin and is a really neat building with lots of character. While the logs will stay and the outside will maintain that character, the inside will receive new, knotty pine walls. This project will have some fun challenges for Tom and Art as they create a flush surface for the new walls.

Check out more pics of our off season projects!