North Star Camp for Boys

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Reunion Video Trailer #2 - On the Water

While the weather is dreary and you're stuck in school, wouldn't it be nice to be on Spider Lake right now?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Reunion Video Trailer - Who's the Best Village

We're excited for the debut of the reunion video for the Summer of 2015! Derrick has put together a fantastic video in the final preparations. Here is the first teaser from where it all started: Who's the Best Village?

Monday, October 26, 2015

Ryan O'Hara - My Life Changing Summer

In addition to sharing his music with us this summer, counselor Ryan O'hara has shared this great video that he shot at camp this summer. We hope you all enjoy!


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Another Camp Director from the NSC Tree

We want to congratulate NSC alum Joe Mendes and his wife Cynthia on their announcement that they are the new owners and directors at Camp Firebird and Roosevelt in Ohio. Joe was a long time camper and counselor at North Star, has been a "lifer" at Post Camp with his family, his son Abe attended North Star and Joe also served on the board of Camp for All Kids. Joe had been working as an elementary school teacher in Cleveland Heights where he not only applied his camp philosophies but managed to help give the gift of camp to many of his students. It has long been Joe's dream to be a camp director and we are so happy that he has made it happen.

Joe will succeed Andy Schwartz as the director at Firebird and Roosevelt who unfortunately passed away this past summer. We were all so saddened to learn of Andy's untimely passing, and the whole North Star community was so proud of what he was able to do and teach his campers. We know Joe will pour his heart and soul into continuing Andy's traditions at Firebird and Roosevelt. And what makes this even more special is that Andy and Joe were cabinmates at North Star when they were kids.

Bully for Joe and Cynthia! We wish you all the best!
Joe and Andy with the rest of the cast of Oliver

Friday, October 2, 2015

Join or Support Team North Star for Camp Moves Me

All October long people are running, swimming, biking and doing other physical activity to raise money to send kids to camp. Through the American Camp Association's Camp Moves Me, anyone can join in and help send kids to camp. Learn more about Camp Moves Me here:

Last year North Star was the top camp, lining up a great group of camper and staff participants. We're off to a great start and encourage any and all campers, staff, alumni, family members and friends to join Team North Star. You can sign up here:

Below is a list of our current participants. If you're not able to join Camp Moves Me this year, we encourage you to support one or more of our participants. If you join Team North Star, email your page info to Andy or Dan so that we can add you to our participant list and help you get more supporters. We'll update the list as more people join in!