North Star Camp for Boys

Thursday, November 24, 2016

November News Update

On this Thanksgiving, I want to share with you our traditional grace, a poem by Edwin Markham:
There is a destiny that makes us brothers,
None goes his way alone,
All that we give into the lives of others,
Comes back into our own.
Come Thanksgiving each year, I find myself feeling so thankful for the North Star family, but never have I felt as thankful as I do this year. The words of our opening grace have never meant so much to me. I will forever be grateful for the support that the North Star family has provided to Laney and I over the last two months. We have loved your every card, every story and every memory. And while we miss Vickie like crazy, our incredible community has helped us carry on. So from Laney and I, this keylog is for the support from our North Star family over the past two months.
I care not what his caste or creed,
One thing holds firm and fast,
That into the days and deeds gone by,
The soul of a man is cast.
As I look forward to next summer, I am inspired to continue working to teach our campers about character, kindness and empathy. The second half of our camp creed remind us that we are all tied together.  I am so thankful to be a part of a community that works tirelessly to first and foremost raise good people striving to do the right thing for the right reasons.

Thank you for supporting our North Star values. Thank you for being there when we needed you most. Thank you for choosing to be a part of the North Star family. This Keylog is for all of you.


Great Holiday Gifts... North Star Gear!
Are you looking for a holiday gift for your North Star camper, alum or someone else? We've got some remaining logo gear from this past summer! If you're interested in ordering an NSC hoodie, tee, hat or something else, head to our logo gear form and place your order. Logo gear is well priced and there is an additional shipping fee. Please note that items and sizes are limited!

2016 Wanegan Bowl
The 13th Wanegan Bowl is coming up the day after Thanksgiving. This is our annual speedball game where anyone who was Pine Manor age in 2016 or older can join in. The Wanegan Bowl is open to North Star campers, staff and alumni. For more info and to RSVP check out the Wanegan Bowl Facebook Page.

We'll be there in 2017
We're excited to have the following new campers on board!
Charlie Anderson, Jack Ballen, Maccoy Barry, Aaron Black, Cyrus Black, Benjamin Buchman, Zev Cherpak, David Cram, Beckett Dreyfus, Dylan Erlich, Jake Erspamer, Jonny Faust, Will Ford, Jack Forrester, Moses Fowler Gottlieb, Ethan Garfield, Will Garnes, Benjamin Glassman, Ethan Glassman, Asher Glauberman, Sammy Goldfeder, Joey Green, Parker Gross, Gus Hyman, Ethan Jacobs, Levi Jagher, Josh Kahn, Joshua Koutroubis, Jake Levinson, Theo Lindau, Gavin Meyers, Hayden Meyers, Jay Noren, Grant Perlberg, Jack Perlberg, Sam Pinsky, Mitchell Posner, Simon Richheimer, Noah Rockoff, Sam Rosen, Max Rosenbaum, Ronan Schmidt, Leo Sher, Ryder Sherman, Luc Sun, Mike Sun, Caleb White and Ben Zemel
We welcome back the following returning campers
Gabe Adler, Samson Adler, Lorenzo Alonzo, Eli Alter, Chase Anders, Micah Anders, Jamari Anthony, Leo Auerbach, Benjamin Barnett, Jalen Barrett, Dylan Baum, Bobby Becker, Harry Belmonti, Cameron Beltzman, Jaden Beltzman, Noah Berger, Jason Bernstein, Aidan Black, Logan Blitz, Benjamin Block, Jordan Bloom, A.J. Borsand, Zach Bort, Philip Boucher, Elliot Bramson, Tate Brand, Logan Bronstein, Brandon Buchman, Alex Burstein, Luca Burton, Noah Byck, Jasper Chazen, Sekai Clark, Ellis Coco, Oliver Coco, Jayden Cohen, David Cohn, Matthew Cohn, Dillon Conway, Eli Cowan, Bennett Crane, Simon Crane, Zachary Daitch, Cole Degodny, Josh Degodny, Will del Hierro, Jack Denham, Zachary Deshur, Ethan Doane, Dylan Drury, Parker Dubansky, Emmett Dunn, Max Dunn, Brendan Engel, Leo Falender, Lucas Feller, Charlie Fies, Ezra Flapan-Feig, Aden Flora, Bodie Florsheim, Jack Foreman, Louis Fowler Gottlieb, Jonah Frank, James Freedman, Asher Friedman, Brady Gagerman, Davis Gapp, Adam Garfinkel, Ethan Garnes, Adam Gerard, Ryan Gershowitz, Will Glauberman, Simon Glazer, Noah Glick, Gabriel Goldberg, Ben Goldfeder, Jake Goldstein, Sam Goldstein, Corey Goldstick, Zak Goodman, Eli Goodman, Drew Goodman, Eli Gould, Zachary Green, Zach Greenberg, Hugh Greenfield, Mason Greitens, Reid Gruen, Jack Gruen, Miles Guten, Milton Hafron, Abe Hafron, Cole Hanover, Andrew Harris, Zack Hauptman, Jack Heller, Jackson Hitti, Jude Holz, Ethan Holz, Zach Howard, Max India, Kolton Jacobs, Charlie Jakymiw, DeCapone Jensen, Jonathan Jones, Cole Kabaker, Max Kaplan, Gabe Katz, Oliver Katz, Clayton Kies, Benjamin Kite, Joey Kleiman, Isaac Kliska, Gavin Kole, Ezra Kornberg, Nathan Kornberg, Elliott Lazar, Brandon Leib, Jesse Levitas, Ethan Levy, Ethan Lichty, Gavin Lichty, Hayden Lurie, Danny Marcus, Jared Marcus, Max Margulis, Tyler Margulis, Eli Marks, Oliver Marks, Steven Martin, Charlie Matyas, Lake McCormack, Jacob McRae, Eli Meek, Sam Meiselman-Ashen, Jordan Meyers, Devan Miller, Benji Motew, Alonso Munoz, Joey Nanberg, Chase Needelman, Ethan Nguyen, Grant Nguyen, Oliver Ottoson, Jack Pinsky, Carlos Pollitt, Ari Posner, Josh Radner, Jadin Redmond, Ethan Reinberg, Noah Richheimer, Benji Richheimer, Gabe Richheimer, Jack Ringold, Logan Rips, Max Rosenfeld, Trenton Rothbard, Quinlan Rothschild, Benjamin Rothschild, Kai Rubenstein, Avi Rubin, Elliot Rubin, Will Rubin, Alex Salkin, Justin Sanger, Ethan Schaefer, Louis Scheinfeld, Angelo Schiciano, Zachary Schlacter, Jack Schocket, Nolan Schott, Sam Schulman, Ari Schwartz, Brady Schwartz, Zachary Schwartz, Simon Schwartz, Joseph Schwartzwald, Micah Sedberry, Dylan Sherman, Maxwell Sherman, Drew Shore, Adam Shore, Ryan Silver, Jake Silver, Reid Singer, Zachary Smith, Brandon Soble, Ryan Solganik, Andrew Solganik, Matthew Solomon, Charlie Solomon, Jack Sorenson, Matthew Steinback, Jonah Stern, Ori Stone, Andy Strauss-Reis, Michael Strzembosz, Joseph Strzembosz, Mekhi Tanksley, Ian Tarter, Gavin Treschl, Aidan Weinberg, Jake Winer, Sam Wolf, Jordan Wood, Ryan Woods, Mason Yonover, Jack Yonover, Sam Zechman, Noah Zemel and Wyatt Zirlin

Staff News
Here is what the 2016 NSC Staff is up to!
Jeff and Kim McCormack are back home in Westminster, CO, a suburb of Denver. Jeff continues his work as a special education teacher, working with young adults in recreational settings. Kim just began a new job. Having taught for many years at a middle school in Evergreen, CO, Kim has taken a position at the same school as a dean of students.
Oliver Rockman has taken up residence in Chicago. He moved there following the summer and is looking for a job. So if you know of a good job for Oliver, let him know. He continues to follow Nebraska athletics and Chelsea football club!

Nick Kasle also moved to Chicago and is rooming with Oliver. Nick took a trip this past fall to Machu Picchu before beginning a job at Rise Interactive.

Noah Simon is a junior at Walter Payton College Prep where he is vying for a starting spot on the softball team. He’s looking forward to a challenging schedule and playing baseball in the spring.
Jake Kraemer - is starting a junior at Deerfield High School where he will be in the play “Our Town,” and on the swim team where he swims the 500m freestyle. Jake will continue to be a member of DECA and he is starting to visit colleges as well. 

Ben Meyer is back in Los Angeles where he is a junior at Windward School. At home, Ben plays on the school tennis team and focuses on the piano, which he plays in competitions. His family is taking a vacation up to Lake Tahoe and then back home for a wedding.
Kyle Salz returned to Western Illinois University for his final year studying Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration. On campus, Kyle is a facilitator for the university challenge course and is involved in Students Today Leaders Forever, a volunteer organization. Kyle’s classes will bring him back up North as he heads out for a 10-day trip sea kayaking in the Apostle Islands.
Spencer Malkin is a senior at Stevenson High School where he serves as a Freshman Mentor and is responsible for training in the new mentors. Spencer is the vice president of the BBYO Chicago region. Additionally, Spencer is on the executive board of Student Council and is a participant in the Best Buddies program.
Noah Sherman is a junior at Oak Park River Forest high school. He's playing lots of music at school and stalking Oliver Rockman.

Josh Marks is back at Francis W. Parker School where he is in his junior year. Josh is the online editor of the “Parker Weekly,” and the soccer team. Josh is the head of Student Senate and serves on the cabinet of Student Government. He still makes time for Model UN, which will hopefully take him to Scotland this spring.
Michael Berger is in his senior year at The American University in Washington, D.C., where he is studying journalism and political science. He has wrapped up his term as president of Students Helping Honduras, but remains active as an advisor. Berger will continue writing for the Eagle, AU’s campus newspaper.
Ally Ballinger is back in Ames, IA where she is a junior at Iowa State University studying Biology and Ecology. She’s trading in her chacos for her high heels to kick off sorority recruitment for Alpha Omicron Pi as soon as she returns.
Aaron Dinkin is a junior at Crossroads School in Los Angeles. Aaron plays basketball and soccer at school and is working on the guitar. Dink is volunteering at Camp Harmony, which is a one-week camp for underprivileged youth in LA.
Lauren Ambrosius returned home to De Pere, Wisconsin. She just got a full time job, so congrats to Lauren!
Charlie Rantala is a junior at Francis W Parker school where he will be rowing and basketball. Charlie and his dad took a trip to see the Cubs play in Colorado.
Mike Major returned to Minneapolis for his junior year at the University of Minnesota where he is studying computer science with a leadership minor. At school, Mike is involved in a mentoring program and hoping to work a part-time job.
Ethan Rane began his freshman year at the University of Illinois in the fall. He’s hoping to study Computer Science.
Scott Roan is a junior at Robert Morris University working to study Biology. Scott is a brother of Phi Delta Theta and is the scholarship chair of IFC. Scott is also a member of the Outdoor Adventure Club.
Noah Broutman is a freshman at the Ohio State University where he will be studying Human Resource Management. Noah has already joined the Diversity Club. He’s looking forward to hanging with our other Buckeyes at school.
Sam Vander Plas is a junior at the University of Wisconsin where he is studying communications. Sam will continue as the manager for the Badger Women’s Basketball Team and will still be a member of the fishing team.
Ben Rubin returned to Philadelphia for his sophomore year at the University of Pennsylvania where he is studying Economics. Ben is part of a consulting group and the microfinance club.
Fraser Ashworth traveled all around United States with planned stops in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Philadelphia. Then it’s back home to Scotland for school at the University of Glasgow where he is studying psychology.
James Woods went on a family vacation to Wyoming to see Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons and then to Utah to see Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon. Then he’s returned for his sophomore year at University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point studying Healthcare Administration.
Mike Lehotsky is back in Morgantown, West Virginia where he is getting his Masters in Mathematics. On campus, Mike is joining the fishing team.
Max Sinton is a sophomore at the University of Kansas where he is studying Accounting. Max is on the club lacrosse team and is an active player on the disc golf team.
Jose Balcazar went back home to Miami to spend some time with family and friends at beach. Then it’s it was to Davidson College for his sophomore year where he is studying mathematics. Jose is involved in the Davidson Outdoors group and part of Posse, a foundation that works towards bettering Davidson.
Ben Morris traveled around the Midwest with stops in Minneapolis with Joey and then with Jake and Wes in Ohio. After that he’s meeting up with his sister in Chicago before they to headed to Toronto and New York. Then he’s heading back home to Maidenhead, England, before moving to school at University of York where he studies Music Technology Systems.
Wes Wehrle is a sophomore at Ohio State University where he is studying business with a specialization in analytics. Wes is an active member of the Mount Leadership Society which plans volunteer opportunities on campus and in the surrounding area. Wes is also the President of the Disc Golf Club and is helping gear up the club for a big professional tournament in Columbus.
George Sunderland traveled around the US, seeing Chicago, Madison and Minneapolis before heading home to Moreton in Marsh, England. George is going to travel around the United Kingdom for a while before hopefully moving to the Caribbean to work there.
Max Goldberg is a senior at Westside High School in Omaha. Back home he is finishing up his Eagle Scout project making improvements at a nearby park. Max is involved in BBYO and the Latin club at school.
Van Walker spent a little time at home before moving up to Milwaukee for his sophomore year at Marquette University. Van is studying Public Relations and Political Science and he also plays for the Ultimate Frisbee team.
Brendan Knecht headed back to Moon, Pennsylvania where he is a junior at Robert Morris University. Brendan is studying mechanical engineering and is involved in the Phi Delta Theta fraternity as well as the Campus Ministry Association.
Shannon McNamara is finishing up her kinesiology and spanish degrees at the University of Illinois before making her way to PA school.
Maggie MacDonald returned to Ohio State for her senior year finishing a degree in health promotion, nutrition and exercise science. Maggie has been training for the Columbus Marathon which was on October 16th.
Tommy Mills is a senior at Tulane University where he is studying finance. At school Tommy is the head of professional events for his business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi.
Micah Jona is in his senior year at New Trier in Winnetka, IL. Micah is on the tennis team, DECA and starting to look at colleges.
Justin Powell is in his final semester at Ohio State where he is studying Sport Industry. At school, Justin is involved in the Outdoor Adventure Center and will go back to his job as a personal trainer.
Bryan Butler is back at Nebraska Wesleyan for his junior year for his degree in athletic training. Bryan is on the track team and his season starts back up in the fall.
Asher Borstein is in his senior at Walter Payton College Prep in Chicago. Asher is on the softball, tennis and chess teams at school, and is also a Payton Advisor Leader.
Salem Matzinger spent some time with her family in Greene, Maine before returning to UC-Santa Cruz for her sophomore year. Salem is studying bioengineering and is very involved in the Opers, the outdoor club at school.
Kolton Kitterman returned to the University of Illinois for his junior year where he is getting his degree in Kinesiology to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. At school Kolton is a member of the Bass Fishing Club and involved in the Native American House.
Dave Murphy traveled around the US for a few weeks with stops in Chicago, LA, San Francisco and Philadelphia. Then it was back to Mary Immaculate College in Limerick, Ireland where Dave studying to be a primary school teacher.
Hayley Henderson headed home to Maryland for a few weeks to spend some time with family. From there it’s to the Great Smoky Mountains and then on the Boundary Waters.
Sam Friedland is a senior at the University of Illinois where he is studying business communication. 
Sam will be running his own business in the health field. He’s also training to run the Chicago Marathon in October.
Antonio Bosco is a senior at Fenwick High School in Oak Park. At school Antonio plays on the tennis team and boxes at a local gym.
Sam Bricker returned to the University of Illinois for his sophomore year where he is studying Economics. On campus, Sam is in the AEPi fraternity and will leading an alcohol safety class for incoming freshman.
Josh Lederman began his freshman year at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania where he will be studying business and plans to get involved in Hillel.
Chad Prater is teaching at the Twin Cities German Immersion School where he instructs 6th and 8th grade math. He’s coaching the soccer team for the school as well.
Tarron Stewart is back to school at University of Nebraska - Omaha for his degree in Political Science. Tarron will also be working to study abroad.
Mandy Sullivan headed home to Princeton, WI where she is a speech pathologist at the local schools. In her free time, she’ll be training for Birkie.
Louis Nutley traveled the US through Chicago, Madison, LA, San Fran, DC, and Philadelphia and then stayed with family in Pennsylvania. At home, he works at the Boys Club and works for his mom’s business.
Jacob Peterson is a junior at the University of Wisconsin where he is studying economics and math. On campus, Jacob is a radio DJ, writes for the engineering magazine and is on the nordic ski team.
Euan King spent some time in Chicago for a week before flying home to Scotland where he is a 3rd year student at the Edinburgh Napier University where he is studying Civil Engineering and is the president of the Rock Climbing Club.
Jake Haught is a sophomore at the Ohio State University where he is studying operations management with a minor environmental science. Jake is entering the Air Force ROTC program and will remain involved with the disc golf club.
Joey Kaiser hosted Jake, Wes and Ben Morris in Minneapolis for a few days while back home. Then it was back to the University of Minnesota - Duluth for his junior degree where he is studying Electrical Engineering. On campus, Joey is a member of the rocketry club and will be in the kayaking club as well.
Danny Levy is a junior at Homestead High School in Mequon, Wisconsin. Danny plays trombone in the school band and sings in the choir, but his real talent is on the piano which he plays competitively. Danny is also on the tennis team.
Drew Lorimer is a third year student at Glasgow Caledonian where he is studying computer science and 3D animation. Before heading home, Drew traveled to Green Bay, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and hopefully New York and Washington DC.
Lucas Kasle is a junior at Muhlenberg College where he is studying physics with minors in math and spanish. At college, Lucas is a member of the Muhlenberg Mules Ultimate Frisbee team. He is also the treasurer of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity.
Richelle Poisson is a senior at American University where she studying Elementary Education. At school, Richelle is a member of Students Helping Honduras and also works at an after-school tutoring program. She’ll be student teaching and nannying as well.
Ethan Levy is a junior at the University of Wisconsin where he is studying Economics and Philosophy. Ethan is the Gameday Editor for the Daily Cardinal, Wisconsin’s newspaper. Ethan is also in the sports business club.

Ari Weil  is a junior at Pomona College where he studying International Relations. Ari also runs the Pomona Green Bike Shop. This Spring, Ari is planning to study abroad in London.