North Star Camp for Boys

Saturday, December 31, 2011

NSC Winter Pic of the Day - Dec. 31st

The Council Ring - click to enlarge
As we say goodbye to 2011, we're finishing our slate of winter pictures with The Council Ring. There is no more fitting way to end the year than with the place we spend every Friday night during the summer. We have a lot of keylogs to offer for the year past, starting with our awesome campers. Of course, without all of our North Star parents, their summer at camp wouldn't be possible. We'd also like to thank our tremendous staff, who work tirelessly during the summer and sacrifice so much. Finally we'd like to thank our alumni who support North Star in so many ways, from recommending us to friends to donating to the scholarship fund.

We're very lucky to be able to work at a place like North Star with such great people. We throw in the final keylog of 2011 to our North Star family!

- Leb, Sue, Andy and Dan

Friday, December 30, 2011

NSC Winter Pic of the Day - Dec. 30th

The Terrace - click to enlarge
In recent years, we've been faced with after meal announcements that go on, and on, and on.... and on. We've tried figuring out how to make them a bit shorter so, especially after lunch, we can head back to our cabins and enjoy a nice, long rest period. Well, maybe the key is making sure that the terrace is covered with snow and temps are below freezing! 

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

NSC Winter Pic of the Day - Dec. 29th

The Tipi - click to enlarge

During the summer, the tipi is covered with a large canvas, and for many years, we took the entire tipi down at the end of each camp season. Of course, that meant that in June, we had to put the entire thing back up. It gave us great appreciation of the Native American tribes of the Great Plains, because even with an illustrated manual, for us, putting up the tipi poles is an adventure. Kind of like tinfoil surprise, we never knew what our final product would look like. Several years ago, another camp told us that they just remove the canvas, but leave the poles up year round. Needless to say, it makes our lives a lot easier and our Counselors in Training, who are tasked with putting up the tipi, much happier.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NSC Winter Pic of the Day - Dec. 28th

A Walk in the Snow - click to enlarge
While many of our camp families and friends are enjoying nice long walks along a beach somewhere on their winter breaks, that's not what this picture is of. While this might resemble footprints in the sand, about to be erased by an incoming wave, these are actually bootprints in the newly fallen snow on a frozen Brewer's Bay. There is also probably a slight temp difference, too... today, its 19 degrees in Hayward, WI.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NSC Winter Pic of the Day - Dec. 27th

North Star - click to enlarge
There's nothing that a layer of snow doesn't add a nice element to... unless, of course, you don't like snow. One of the really cool things about the early sunset and its perspective on the horizon during the winter is that it tends to light things up differently during the winter and  create some really cool shadows.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

NSC Winter Pic of the Day - Dec. 26th

Day is Done... - click to enlarge
Our 12/19 Picture of the Day had a view of the sun setting on cabin Junior 6, illuminating the cabin. Here is a view of that same sunset, but from inside the cabin. The J6 counselor quarters have had many residents who love living there, waking up to the lake view. That lake view is a big different when Brewers Bay has been transformed to a sheet of ice covered by a layer of snow.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

NSC Winter Pic of the Day - Dec. 25th

Brewers Bay - click to enlarge
We wanted to take a moment to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all of our camp families, staff, alumni and friends who celebrate the holidays. We hope that you all are enjoying the day with loved ones! As always, we thank you for your continued support  and we're glad that you're part of the North Star family.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

NSC Winter Pic of the Day - Dec. 24th

Fun Bug Tree - click to enlarge
During the winter, the fun bug area (aka the Purple Martin Village) is quiet. The lone tree has lost all of its leaves and has always reminded me of something out of an Ansel Adams picture. For those keeping track, we're about 178 days until we have the inaugural fun bug dude of 2012!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

NSC Winter Pic of the Day - Dec. 22nd

Athletic Fields - Click to Enlarge
While our friends out west have gotten some snow, at least in the midwest, we're still waiting for a good covering of white. Today I decided to pass along this picture from the middle of the athletic fields, showing the the fields, lodge and other buildings covered with snow.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NSC Winter Pic of the Day - Dec. 21st

Brewers Bay Sunset - click to enlarge

Our Winter Picture of the Day on 12/19 featured the sun setting on cabin J6. Here you can see where the sun actually sets during the winter. This shot of Brewers Bay is taken with the senior village along the right hand side of the picture. So instead if the sun setting behind the council ring, during the winter, it sets over Brewers Bay.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

NSC Winter Pic of the Day - Dec. 20th

Lets Play Two! - Click to enlarge
Bleacher seating with a great view of Lou's Diamond and the rest of the athletic field is pretty inexpensive during the winter months. Then again, there isn't much action to watch... but don't worry, we'll make sure that an usher wipes down your seat for you.

These rocking chairs, on the porch of the Handler Health Center, overlook one of our baseball diamonds as well as the athletic fields. During one of our winter camp visits, we actually did play a (short) game of snow softball. Needless to say, hitting a ball while bundled in a few layers and running to first in half a foot of snow isn't the easiest thing in the world. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

NSC Winter Pic of the Day - Dec. 19th

J6 Sunset - Click to Enlarge
During the summer, we're all used to the sun setting over the Council Ring. During the winter, however, visitors to camp are very surprised when they realize that the sun actually sets over Tipi Island. With camp being so far north, you can see a notable difference of where the sun is in the horizon, rising near swim point and, throughout the day, moves across the southern horizon. Here, you can see the setting sun reflecting off the front of cabin J6.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

NSC Winter Pic of the Day - Dec. 18th

Tipi Island - Click to Enlarge
During the summer, we head out towards Tipi Island on canoes, kayaks and other boats. During the winter, no watercraft is necessary to get there. Once a thick layer of ice covers Brewers Bay, you get there on foot. One of the neat parts of being at camp during the winter is taking a hike from the canoe racks, towards Tipi Island, and then over to swim point. If you're really adventurous and can withstand the cold, you can take an extended hike along the ridge, to the opening between Little Spider Lake and Clear Lake, and over to the Council Ring.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

NSC Winter Pic of the Day - Dec. 17th

With the holiday season approaching and not much snow thus far, we wanted to get into the holiday spirit. Each day up until the end of the year, we're going to post a picture of North Star during the winter. Not many people get to experience camp during the winter, when you can drive a car on the lake and see cabins covered with feet of snow. We hope all of our campers, staff, alumni and friends enjoy pictures of camp during the winter.
The Lodge - Click to enlarge

We wish you all a happy holidays. Safe travels to those of you who are headed somewhere for vacation.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Holidays from NSC

We wanted to take this time to wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season. We are so glad that you choose to spend your summers with us! Whatever your plans for the holiday season, we hope that you have a lot of happy and healthy time with your friends and family.  And we are so thankful that you are a part of our North Star family.

With 2012 just ahead, we've got lots of news to share, and we're looking forward to our January newsletter, which will feature information about our 2012 staff. Our list of returners is tremendous and we know that you'll be thrilled about those guys who are going to make this coming summer a special one. In place of a full newsletter, we do have two quick pieces of info to pass along.

Logo Gear World Wide:
We've gotten a great response to our logo apparel, and now we want everyone to show off their North Star gear. We're trying to get as many pictures of campers, staff and camp families wearing their North Star gear wherever they are. We figured that with many of our campers traveling this holiday season, it would be a great time to kick this off. Whether you're headed somewhere exotic or even staying home, we hope that you'll join in the fun (if you're staying home, you just need to be creative...but appropriate). We'll start an album online of NSC Logo Gear World Wide!

To submit your pictures, you can either email them to, post them to Facebook and tag the North Star Camp page, or send them via twitter by adding @northstarcamp to your tweet. So as you're packing for the holidays, be sure to remember a NSC shirt or hoodie! Read more info about North Star Gear World Wide at Leb's Ramblings.

NSC Bowl Mania:
For those college football fans, we have again set up a group for Bowl Mania. Whether you or your son is a college football expert, a casual fan, or you pick your favorite team based on colors and mascots, it matters not. This is open to all campers, staff, alumni and friends. To join in, you can follow this link:
The password to enter the group is: keylog

As always, a wanegan goes to the winner.

Lastly, as you enjoy your time with your friends and family, don't forget to spread the word about North Star with anybody who may be interested. While we are full in almost every age group second session, we are still working hard to find the world's greatest campers. If you think of anyone that would be a good fit for North Star, please pass along their information to Andy (, 847-943-9559) or fill out our Refer-A-Friend Form  on the website.

Thanks for being part of the North Star Family!

Happy Holidays,

Leb, Sue, Dan and Andy

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Show your North Star Pride Around the Globe

As the holidays approach, we know that many of you are headed away for vacation. Some of you may be headed somewhere tropical while others may be eager to hit the slopes for some great skiing. We're always amazed, and a bit jealous, too, when we hear of some of the fantastic destinations that our campers and their families are headed to. So as you get ready to head off, we have a bit of a favor to ask... pack your North Star gear.

We have a small project that we're working on, and that is to get pictures of campers, staff, alumni and other NSC friends in their logo gear in as many cool places as possible. That may be on a beach, in front of one of the Wonders of the World, or even in your own neighborhood doing something fun. Even if you aren't headed to an exotic locale, thats okay, you can participate, too. You'll just have to be creative in your picture (and appropriate, too!!!).

Here's how to join in the fun. Step one is to pack your favorite NSC tee, sweatshirt or other logo item. When you find your spot, snap a picture or two. Then send them to us in one of the following ways
- Via Facebook, you can post the picture to your page and then tag the North Star Camp page
- Via Twitter, post the picture and mention @northstarcamp
- Via email, send the picture to
We'll be posting these pictures as they come in to our Facebook group page. While this is something that we're starting now, we hope that it will continue on and on. We want to see how many pictures we can amass of people in their NSC gear world wide!

Monday, December 5, 2011

On the Importance of Camp...

You don't have to search high and low to find the importance of the camp experience. Especially when the media is doing a great job of putting it right in front of us! Here are three great reads about different aspects of the camp experience:

On the importance of close friendships:
NBC's Today: Why boys need to have - and keep - a BFF:

On the value of unplugging:
Mitch Albom of the Detroit Free PressYouth are spending so much time online, for what?...

On the benefits seen later in life:
My Psychology Today: Creating Advantage in College: Summer camp gives children meaningful advantages in college...

What makes the camp experience so important to you? Happy reading!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Booming Thanksgiving Tradition!

Eight years ago, a few North Star buddies decided that rather than undertake in the traditional "Turkey Bowl" football game, that they would tailor it to camp and play a speedball game instead. Eight years ago, there were about 14 or 15 people gathered to play in the snow.

Fast forward to present day, where on Friday we had over 60 current staff and alumni gather for the 8th Annual Wanegan Bowl speedball game. The morning after Thanksgiving, stuffed to the brim with Turkey and sweet potato casserole, we had a four-team tournament of epic proportions at Brickyard Park in Deerfield. The participants went back over 25 years at North Star, and all ages.

It is very cool to see many generations of North Star guys get together for this still growing tradition. It speaks to the power of that camp bond that many of these guys have never met one another, but the common thread of being a "North Star guy" brings them together the day after Thanksgiving for a great sporting event. And in true North Star fashion, the most important part of the event...lunch at Michael's afterwards!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from North Star!

We wanted to take a minute to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at North Star. We also wanted to take the occasion to tell you that we are so thankful that you have chosen to be part of our North Star family and to have your son spend his summers with us. We cannot thank you enough for your support of North Star, and more importantly, for trusting us with your son.

Thank you for all of the ways that you continue to support North Star - not just by sending your son over the summer, but by referring your friends and family as well. We are thankful for all of the summers that your son has spent with us, and for all of the summers he will continue to spend with us in the future. We know that the Summer of 2012 is going to be a great one! If you haven't yet reserved you spot, you can do so by completing the Online Registration.

The November Siren is now online!

While you are recovering from your turkey coma, we hope that you will take a minute to Read the November Siren. In there details all of the excitement from November, including a whirlwind reunion tour around the country and news of the newest Lebby. There you can also read a ton of camper and staff news, and see all of the great campers who will be there for the Summer of 2012!

We hope that you have a fantastic Thanksgiving. Thanks again for choosing to be part of the North Star family!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Presenting the Newest Lebby: Chase!

From everyone in the North Star family, we want to extend a warm welcome to the newest member:

Chase Edward Lebby!

Chase was born last night (11/9/11) to Garrett and Rose. He is a beautiful healthy boy. He was born 8 pounds 13 ounces and 20 inches long.

We are all so happy for Garrett and Rose and both of their families. Leb and Sue have been dreaming of this day and are so excited to be grandparents. Leb now affectionately refers to himself and Sue as "Grandpa and Glam-ma."

We may have to change the cheer from "Old Man Lebby" to "Grandpa Lebby" for this summer. So as you start your day today, make sure to give Garrett and Rose, Leb and Sue, and aunt Kacy a big 1...2...3... How!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Summer of 2011 Reunion Movie Debuts in St. Louis

Julian's Summer of 2011 reunion movie had it's blockbuster premier on Tuesday night in St. Louis at the home of the Weiser's, and it was a hit. We had a great time telling stories from this summer and catching up. We're so proud of our St. Louis campers!

The Summer of 2011 Reunion Movie is coming soon to a North Star Reunion Near You!
November 3rd: Omaha, NE at the home of the Goldberg Family - 6:30pm
November 6th: Chicago, IL  at the Highland Park Community House - 3:30pm (note the location change)
November 7th: Detroit, MI at the home of the Mendel family - 7pm
November 10th: Cleveland, OH at the home of the Porter family -  6pm 
November 13th: Nashville, TN at the home of the Yalowitz family -  5pm 
November 17th: Houston, TX at the home of the Plantowsky family - 7pm

Sunday, October 23, 2011


New York Reunion
  Thursday, October 27th at 8:00pm
  Dukes NYC - 560 Third Avenue at 37th Street
  New York, NY

We hope that you can join us for appetizers and drinks at Dukes NYC as the North Star alumni in the New York area gather for a night of reminiscing about life in the Northwoods. Whether you come to catch up with old friends or network with other alumni in the area, we hope to see you there!

Please spread the word to any other North Star alumni you may know in the area. And feel free to bring your friends or family. Please either RSVP on Facebook or send your reply to

And as always, please check in on the Alumni Website to make sure that your information is up to date. And if you know of anybody that might be interested in North Star, please fill out the Refer-A-Friend form.

Monday, October 17, 2011

2011 Reunion Dates

We're coming to your city! We've set dates and times for our several upcoming reunions. Each reunion is a great time to come and hang out with camp friends and check out "The Summer of 2011", the movie from this past summer. Julian Iannini is putting the finishing touches on the video and you won't want to miss it. Everyone will get a copy of the video as well as the 2012 NSC Calendar at the reunion and we'll send them out to those who are unable to attend.

Here are our scheduled reunions to date:

November 1st: St. Louis, MO at the Home of the Weiser Family - 6:30pm (time is tenative)
November 3rd: Omaha, NE at the home of the Goldberg Family - 6:30pm
November 6th: Chicago, IL  at the Highland Park Community House - 3:30pm (note the location change)
November 7th: Detroit, MI at the home of the Mendel family - 7pm
November 10th: Cleveland, OH at the home of the Porter family -  6pm (note the date change)
November 13th: Nashville, TN at the home of the Yalowitz family -  5pm 
November 17th: Houston, TX at the home of the Plantowsky family 7pm

Keep an eye out for more reunion dates in Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, New York, Orlando Phoenix, San Diego, Tampa, and Washington D.C.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The October Siren is Online

We wanted to let you know that the October Siren is now online. There you can read about what's been happening at camp since we left. Can you believe that was almost two months ago?

We have had a beautiful fall up at camp and you can see some of the pictures on our Facebook page, which along with Twitter and our Leb's Ramblings Blog are always great sources of North Star news.

Enrollment for next summer is off to an unbelievable start. We are full in some of our age groups for second session and nearly full in many others. If you have not yet registered for 2012, do not miss your chance. Register Now!If you know of anyone who may be interested in North Star for their son, please have them contact us and complete our short Refer-a-Friend form on the website.

We hope you enjoy the October Siren. In it you will find out who is already signed up for next summer and information on our first round of camp reunions. We look forward to seeing you this Fall!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Buried Treasure on the Athletic Fields?

There have been many Cruiser Days over the years that have been built on the premise that there is buried treasure somewhere around camp. Typically the treasure turns out to be candy, and despite being buried for hundreds of years, it is still freshly sealed in a Walmart bag. So if we told you that we found some buried treasure in the middle of the athletic field, you would surely think we were pulling your leg. Right?

Not this time.

We have some treasure hunters in the area who like to come to camp and either use metal detectors or go Scuba Diving around the shore to see if they can find any treasure. In the past, they have turned up coins and old artifacts, and even a wedding ring. They struck gold again, quite literally this time. 

Buried nearly a foot deep under the athletic field, they located a gold bracelet with the initials B.E.C. engraved on the front of the plate. On the back, the inscription reads "Love Now & Always, Gran & Gramps, 9/24/86."

Now we need your help finding the owner of the bracelet. The treasure hunters are having the bracelet cleaned and polished, and they actually work with a TV show that documents cases like this where they are able to return lost items to their rightful owner. Please share this with all your fellow alumni so that we can find out who "B.E.C." might be and return the bracelet. And it may even end up on TV!

Help Support Camp Kesem

From NSC Alum and Parent Jeff Dinkin:

As a former 10 Year Man at North Star Camp, I have learned the value of a  camping experience in the North Woods. Today I am  member of the Board of Directors of Camp Kesem, and I would like to ask your help to win $1 million to enable kids who are coping with their parent's cancer to attend special summer camps run by college kids for free! All you need to do is take one minute to vote by following the directions below and then passing this onto your kids, friends and business associates. Thank you so much for helping such a worthwhile cause!

Jeff Dinkin

Remember to post on your Facebook page: VOTE for Camp Kesem to win $1 Million! College students create Camp Kesem -  a free summer camp for kids coping with their parent’s cancer. 
Twitter text:  VOTE 4 Camp Kesem to win $1MM –    
College students create Camp Kesem - a free camp for kids coping w/a parent’s cancer.  
About Camp Kesem. . .
For kids, Camp Kesem eases the fear and sadness of having a parent with cancer by providing FREE overnight summer camps where kids benefit from the healing comfort of peers facing similar challenges, gain confidence and the strength needed to deal with their parent's illness or death from cancer.
Camp Kesem's unique formula also develops future leaders as each camp is created by teams of empathetic college students who gain valuable leadership skills as they manage, fundraise and run each camp. Learn more at
Camp Kesem has the chance to receive $1 MILLION from Chase which will allow us to launch more camps and bring the healing benefits of Camp Kesem to more of the 1.5 million people affected by cancer each year. 
VOTE NOW for Camp Kesem - it only takes one minute. 
Starting today, Camp Kesem is competing for $1 MILLION in the Chase Community Giving online campaign. 
Click HERE  or visit
1.    “Like” Chase Community Giving*
2.     “Allow access” to reach the voting platform.
3.     VOTE for Camp Kesem - in the Champions of Health Category.
4.    Chase customers – Cast a SECOND VOTE through your online account at

We are confident that with the help of our wonderful Camp Kesem community – that means YOU – our university students, camper families, donors, alumni and volunteers - Camp Kesem can win Round One!! 

*Voting is on Facebook, if you do not have a Facebook page – please take one minute to set one up and VOTE for Camp Kesem. 

Please join us in this campaign:  Only ONE vote per person, so it is critical that we rally as many votes as possible. 
Forward this to your address book - ask EVERYONE to VOTE for Camp Kesem!
… just remember Click for Kesem  - 
*Voting in open until 12pm ET on October 5 
Thank you for being part of Camp Kesem!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Camp Alumni Reunion 9-10-11 is TOMORROW

The Greatest Multi-Camp Reunion in History is TOMORROW!  RSVP RIGHT NOW!
All Proceeds Benefit Camp For All Kids

The greatest Multi-Camp Reunion in History is Tomorrow (Saturday) at Banner Day Camp in Lake Forest, IL and we hope to see you there!  You and your family will enjoy a great day of fun activities and delicious food with many other North Star friends.  In the afternoon you can participate in a variety of games and sports, including an incredible game of Continuous Dodgeball.  Or, simply relax with your family and fellow alumni.  Then after a delicious barbeque dinner, enjoy a campfire concert by Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary.

Please be sure you’ve registered for tickets to attend. RSVP for the event at this link RIGHT NOW: We suggest a minimum donation of $50 per person, and that can be made either on the North Star fundraising page or at the event.

It’s important that we create a substantial funding base for Camp For All Kids.  Please, make a contribution that “goes the second mile.”  You can contribute here:
Even if you can’t attend the event on Saturday, we hope you’ll make a meaningful donation to this worthwhile cause.

Camp For All Kids is a non-profit organization that provides scholarships to deserving boys and girls so they can attend overnight camps like North Star year after year.  The other participating camps are Birch Trail, Chippewa Ranch Camp, Kamaji and Timberlane – all owned by North Star alumni.

We hope you'll join North Star alumni, friends and family as we gather on 9-10-11 at Banner Day Camp for an afternoon/evening of fun and fundraising for Camp For All Kids.  Banner Day Camp is a beautiful setting that can accommodate a variety of activities, rain or shine.

For driving directions to the event, click here:

Your participation means a great deal to the next generation of campers.  We look forward to hearing from you!

On behalf of the North Star Alumni,

NSC Camp for All Kids Board Members:
Brad Dreyfus
Mark Holz
Joe Mendes
Paul Nathanson
Rob Porter
Ben Sher
Mike Simons

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Final Day to Guarantee a Spot for 2012

Register Now at 

The September 1st Deadline is Tomorrow!

We hope that your son will join us again for the Summer of 2012. This is the final day to guarantee that he can do that! We know that it is early, but once the deadline passes, we are going to open any available spots to our new campers on the wait list. In some age groups, we believe that there will not be any openings.

Any new campers that have completed the Camper Application by the September 1st deadline will have first priority of the available slots.

We have nearly 3 times as many registrations in today as we did at this point last year, and twice as many from new campers. ENROLLING NOW IS THE ONLY WAY GUARANTEE YOUR SPOT
. Please don't wait! This is our way of protecting our returning campers. After September 1st may be too late in many age groups.

You can Register Online at If you have any questions, please give us a call up at camp at 715-462-3254.

We are looking forward to a fantastic Summer of 2012, our 68th camping season at North Star, and we hope that you will join us. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Only 3 Days Left to Guarantee Your Spot for the Summer of 2012

2012 Registration
Last Week to Guarantee A Spot
Register Now at!

We hope that all is well and that school is off to a great start.  While the kids are busy starting homework and trying to enjoy the remainder of this summer season, we're working hard on the next one. We wanted to send you a quick reminder that this is your last week to guarantee a spot for your returning camper. We had a very young camp and we still have many, many prospects who are hoping to get a spot. Many of them are on our waiting list as are several campers hoping to switch to 8-weeks.

. Please don't wait! This is our way of protecting our returning campers. After September 1st may be too late in many age groups. If you have a younger son that is interested in coming to camp next summer, please enroll him before September 1st as well. And if you have any friends or family that may be interested, please let them know that they should be in touch quickly. You can also fill out our Refer-A-Friend Form online.

You can Register Online at If you have any questions, please give us a call up at camp at 715-462-3254.

We are looking forward to a fantastic Summer of 2012, our 68th camping season at North Star, and we hope that your son will again join us. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Around the Campfire is Coming!

The Greatest Multi-Camp Reunion in History is Almost Here!
Help Camp For All Kids by Participating:
In just  two and a half weeks, we’re throwing a party.  A big one.  With more entertainment than the staff show.  With more food than a cabin pizza party.  And with more anticipation than the bus trip up to camp.

We’ve put together a fundraiser for Camp For All Kids that combines the spirit of our former camp days with one great afternoon/evening of activities and socializing – all at one of the most beautiful day camp facilities on Chicago’s North Shore.

And to cap off the day, the special evening entertainment will be a campfire concert by Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary.

Please join us on Saturday, September 10th from 1-8pm on the grounds of Banner Day Camp in Lake Forest, IL.  We hope you and your family can attend.
This year is Leb’s 40th anniversary at North Star.  We would like to honor him with a big turnout and a big fundraising triumph.  To reach our goals, we are asking your help to raise money so that we can assure the future of Camp For All Kids.  Just a few minutes of your time right now can create life-changing camp scholarships for deserving boys and girls.

We need to raise a lot of money. And the best way you can help is to create a personal fundraising page so your family and friends can donate to this life-changing organization.

Just by creating your fundraising page and starting it off with a donation of $50.00,  you can attend the entire event!

Please link right now to  and follow these easy steps:

1. Visit the North Star Camp team page at
2. Click the blue "Join this Team" button (below the list of team members), complete the registration form and customize your fundraising page.

3. Make a contribution of $50.00 or more to YOUR fundraising page.

4. Send your fundraising page link to your family and friends.  By setting up your personal fundraising page and emailing the link to your family and friends, we are confident you will raise a significant amount of money for Camp for All Kids.

Or if you’d prefer only to make a generous contribution and/or attend the event, visit and click the red “Donate Here” button on the right side.

We hope to see you at the reunion.  It’s a beautiful setting that can accommodate a variety of activities, rain or shine.

Your participation means a lot to the next generation of campers.  We look forward to hearing from you.

On behalf of the North Star Alumni,

NSC Camp for All Kids Board Members:
  Brad Dreyfus
  Mark Holz
  Joe Mendes
  Paul Nathanson
  Rob Porter
  Ben Sher
  Mike Simons

P.S.  If you have signed up or contributed already, THANK YOU!  If you haven’t registered yet, please sign up right away so we can guarantee your reservation to the event. After you have started your fundraising page register for tickets at

P.P.S.  If you are a former NSC President or Vice President, please start your page as a member of the NSC Past Pres/VPs Team Page or donate to the page.  We will receive a matching grant if this team raises at least $10,000.  Visit:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

2012 Registration is Now Open
Guaranteed Spots for Return Campers Only Until September 1st
Register Now at!

Camp is now quiet. Well, almost quiet. It would be but for Leb performing his favorite annual cleanup task - Power Washing. But while he’s hard at work on the floor of the outer Lodge, the animals are moving back into camp and we have deer and wild turkey back on the Athletic Field.

Leb Power WashingIt is hard to believe that it has already been over a week since camp drew to a close. Since then we had a great Post Camp with families who joined us from around the country, some for the first time and some who have been coming for over 50 years. Six of our counselors (John Sheehan, Andy Rodheim, Scott Goldberg, Olly Cayless, Leighton Balemi and Lewis Mulvee) stayed on to lead post camp and help clean up camp, and we heard story after story of what a fun and meaningful summer it was for all involved. We have been hearing from campers and parents alike who are saying the same thing.

That sentiment is being reflected in the enrollment for 2012. We have in more than twice as many registrations today as we did at this point last year, and we already have over a dozen people on a waiting list for second session. We want to reiterate that WE CAN ONLY GUARANTEE PLACEMENT FOR RETURNING CAMPERS IF YOU ENROLL BY SEPTEMBER 1st. Please don’t wait! This is our way of protecting our returning campers. After September 1st may be too late in many age groups. If you have a younger son that is interested in coming to camp next summer, please enroll him before September 1st as well. And if you have any friends or family that may be interested, please let them know that they should be in touch quickly. You can also fill out our Refer-A-Friend Form online.

You can Register Online at If you have any questions, please give us a call up at camp at 715-462-3254.

We are looking forward to a fantastic Summer of 2012, our 68th camping season at North Star, and we hope that your son will again join us.

Most of all, we want to thank you for trusting us with your sons. We often boast that we have the nicest campers in the world, and we mean it. So thank you for making the decision to have them spend the summer with us. We look forward to many more!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Honor Leb's 40th with Camp for All Kids

Help Us Carry On a Lasting Legacy
to a New Generation of Campers

Support the Camp For All Kids Event on September 10th

We have a special request for you in honor of Leb’s 40th year at North Star.

Do you remember Request Night, the last night of camp at North Star? This annual gathering at Mike Hall sums up the experiences of the summer and helps everyone reflect on the true meaning of camp. Campers realize and appreciate how camp has impacted them through friendships and teamwork, skill development and personal achievement.

Regardless of where campers come from, North Star works hard to teach these positive and lasting qualities. As you know, Lou and Renee started this important tradition. Leb and Sue continued it. And now you may have heard that Andy and Vickie Shlensky will ultimately become the new directors of North Star and protectors of these life-changing values and traditions.

For a certain group of campers, camp means hope for a brighter future. Leb and Sue have been tremendous supporters of the Camp For All Kids program, allowing boys from diverse backgrounds to come to North Star and experience something special that is missing from their lives. For many, they gain abilities that they could take home with them and apply as future leaders of their generation.

When camp is diverse, everyone benefits.

In today’s world, the camp experience shouldn’t be limited to a select group of affluent children. We have the ability to create a positive influence for kids of diverse backgrounds through Camp For All Kids.

As long as the Camp For All Kids program is funded, selected campers can choose to return to camp year after year, just like their other friends.

In honor of Leb and Sue, we are asking your help to raise money so that we can assure the future of this high-impact program.

We want your immediate help to start your personal fundraising page and help us raise money for the Camp For All Kids benefit in Lake Forest, Illinois on Saturday, September 10th. The event will feature a concert by Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary.

Here’s what we are asking you to do:

1. Visit the North Star Camp team page at

2. Click the blue "Join this Team" button (below the list of team members), complete the registration form and customize your fundraising page.

3. Make a contribution of $50.00 or more to YOUR fundraising page.

4. Send your fundraising page link to your family and friends. By setting up your personal fundraising page and emailing the link to your family and friends, you will help raise a significant amount of money for the Camp for All Kids.

5. By creating your fundraising page, you can attend "Around the Campfire" on September 10, 2011 for FREE!

It’s really easy. In just 15 minutes, your effort can bring a powerful camp experience to kids from under-served communities.

As the torch gets passed at North Star, nothing would make Leb and Sue happier than to help provide these deserving kids the same camp experience we all shared. With your generous contribution, Camp For All Kids allows a brighter future to happen.

On Behalf of the North Star Alumni,

NSC Camp for All Kids Board Members:
Brad Dreyfus
Mark Holz
Joe Mendes
Paul Nathanson
Rob Porter
Ben Sher
Mike Simons

P.S. The event is right around the corner. We hope to see you at Banner Day Camp on September 10!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Around the Campfire - 9/10/11

We're still busy at camp and have 90 post campers enjoying perfect summer weather. It is so much fun to watch families enjoy the Northwoods.

We've got one more camping adventure planned for this summer. In the spring I wrote to you explaining that we were organizing an event entitled "Around the Campfire" to be held at Banner Day Camp in Lake Forest, IL, north of Chicago on September 10, 2011 (09/10/11). The goal of the program is twofold.

- To have a fun, exciting day program for alumni and campers, followed by a BBQ dinner and an early evening concert by Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary.
- To raise funds for the Camp for All Kids (CFAK) Foundation. This foundation sends minority campers to camp.

We had hoped that the majority of our campers would get involved and help raise funds for CFAK. In fact, some of our campers created websites at camp and have begun raising money.

I believe the events at Banner will be a lot of fun and that anyone who attends will have a great time. Alumni from the 50's and campers from 2011 will have fun! We've made it easy for (camper's name) and you to attend. You can attend for a nominal contribution to CFAK.

All you need to do is for you or your son to join the North Star team at, create your own team and make a suggested contribution of $50.00. Then send the link to your family and friends. We know that if this is done, your team will help raise a significant amount of money for the Camp For All Kids Foundation. And you can attend "Around the Campfire" for free.

Please call if you have any questions.

Best wishes,


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thanks for a Great Summer!

The dust has now settled on the Summer of 2011, and we can conclusively say that it was a great one. We have been hearing tons of positive feedback from the campers and their families and the Applications for 2012 are already flooding in. We cannot thank our campers, families and staff enough for all that they do to ensure that North Star continues to be a special place for kids to call home each summer. So as we start to reflect on the Summer of 2011, we first want to say thank you!

If you look to the right, you'll see that the Countdown has already begun to the Summer of 2012. Thanks to the continuing enthusiasm of our staff and campers, we know that it will be a great one.

As school starts and you find yourself daydreaming about camp, we hope that you will keep us up to date on all of your endeavors. We are so proud of all of the things our guys accomplish in their hometowns, and we love to brag about you. Any time you think of it, don't forget to Send Us Your News. And we'll see you in 2012!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lazy Day...More Like Crazy Day!

It may have started as Lazy Day, but it didn't finish that way! Lazy Day is a chance to catch up on some Zzz's and spend the morning living like a prince. After waking up at their leisure, the campers walk up to the Lodge in their pajamas or bathrobes and can have made-to-order eggs for breakfast while watching cartoons. Now that's hard to beat!

From there we were off to the races on a day that included an organized free period, North Star Ball, Casino Night, the Art Show, and Espionage. North Star Ball is like capture the flag, but instead of one flag on each end, the Green and White teams were working to get four balls on their side all at the same time. Unlike the flag, you can actually pass the balls between teammates as long as it doesn't hit the ground. This was our final Green-White event of the summer and we will unveil the scores on Thursday at the Council Ring.

After dinner North Star turned into the Bellagio, with a Casino on one end and a world-class art gallery on the other. In the lodge our costumed crusaders wagered on everything from euchre to war to horsengoggles. Down in the Arm and Hammer, our sophisticated crowd mused through the fantastic works made by our campers throughout the summer. We were so impressed with the hard work and talent of our artists this summer as everyone looked at their wood clocks and stepstools, mosaic tiles, candles, piggy banks, tye-dye t-shirt pillows and more. It was quite an impressive display.

And after evening program came the moment that the campers had been waiting for - Espionage! The boys got dressed up in their blacks and greens to do their best to blend into the darkness. After sundown at the North Star casino, we began the second session Espionage, themed "Ocean's 11." The mission was to break into the "vaults" located around camp. Hotel security was wandering around camp checking identification to make sure that only the welcomed guests were around. The game was a new format developed by our staff members Jared, Oliver, Willy and Harry, and it was a huge success. What a day!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pow Wow Day and the Big 10!

We woke up to a beautiful Northwoods morning with the hot sun burning the mist and dew off of the fields. It had the makings of a great Pow Wow Day right from the start, and it was. The entire camp was divided into four tribes - Apache, Hunkpapa, Mohawak and Sauk Fox - for a day of spirited competition.

After breakfast, we had our traditional Pow Wow day ceremony where the whole camp marches down Villa Road onto the athletic field following Leb on horeseback. After that the tribes separated by village for leg wrestling. Each village narrowed down to a final four and eventually a winning leg wrestler. There are always twists and turns during the leg-wrestling competitions, and this year was no exception.

After leg wrestling, we had two morning series of events. One of things that makes Pow Wow Day so special is the diversity of the events. There are plenty of sports as well as events like climbing and archery, however there are other specialty events that really give all of our campers an opportunity to excel. Campers compete in events like orienteering, scavenger hunt, not to mention several Arts and Crafts and canoeing events. Our campers have so many talents and it's neat to see them all on display.

Lunch on Pow Wow day is a unique meal as well. Unlike our typical meals where the dining hall is filled with enthusiasm and cheers, this meal is silent, and campers and staff have to figure out how to communicate for the entire meal without talking.

Though the meal itself was silent, the sky was not. While we were at lunch, the clouds opened up it began to pour. So we adjusted our plans for the afternoon and Dan and the advisors planned a great program of indoor competitions that included paper football, a spelling bee, card games and more. The advisors also took part in a bingo showdown to determine the eating order for dinner. Mid-afternoon the sun returned and so did our regularly scheduled activities. We started off with run-offs and the tug of wars, and after dinner we were able to get in all of our swimming events and water polo.

Upon the conclusion of all the activities, the whole camp made their way up to Mike Hall where they were awaiting the results of the day. But before that could happen, Leb was interrupted by the Big 10! Each year, we take the opportunity to recognize the people who have given a whole decade's worth of summers to North Star. This year we celebrated the accomplishments of three great counselors - Scott Goldberg, Craig Morelli and Michael Skaletsky - who are all at camp for their 10th summer.  We told some great stories about the guys and then made our way to the Lodge for cake.

Oh yeah, and we did announce the scores after all. But as the guys like to cheer here, "It Just Doesn't Matter!" It was a great day for all of the campers and staff!

Friday, August 5, 2011

North Star News


One of my favorite nights of the summer is when Sue and I host the 2nd generation party at our house. At the conclusion of this evening's Friday night service we had 40 kids over for ice cream sundaes. The kids represented hundreds of years at North Star. Even more impressive was the 3rd generation campers and 1 4th generation camper. These guys had grandfathers that camped at North Star! It's really fun as the kids never tire of hearing stories about their dads. And do I have the stories!!

Tradition is huge around camp and there are so many symbolic programs that carry on from one generation to the next. For example, when kids go home and tell their dad (or grandfather) that they threw a key log into the fire on Friday night each generation will know exactly what is going on at camp. Talk about UN Day, Wanagan, Pow Wow Day, Challenge Games, camper counselor day, cruiser days, half-hour later, lazy day, the Guten Gallop, Bi-camp meet, organized free periods, save your forks, one day projects, etc, etc, etc and generations can talk together for, well... generations. And that’s one of the beauties of camp. It’s timeless.

Sue and I are committed to insuring that future generations will have the opportunity to talk about North Star. The campers were told tonight that Andy Shlensky was being named co-director. It's no secret that since Andy was 12 years old and a camper at North Star that he had the goal of directing a summer camp. His preference was always North Star. We began talking about making that a reality when he began working for us several years ago. He has been the primary contact for the majority of our new campers and has communicated with most of you over the past year. He will continue assuming more and more responsibility.

At this moment no formal discussions have taken place regarding a transfer of ownership. They will begin in the near future. So, why are we telling you this now? It's consistent with our policy of always letting you know when important issues are taking place at North Star. And naming Andy co-director with the intention of having he and his wife Vickie responsible for future generations is an important issue!

Without question, Sue and I will be at camp for the foreseeable future. It is probable that I will spend more time on the athletic fields teaching baseball, football and golf. I might even have time to pull out the guitar and rock and roll on the porch with the kids. I will, of course, continue to cut the grass on the riding mower. Sue will continue to inspect cabins, monitor cabin meetings, supervise the health center and kitchen, expand the camp garden and be resident mom to all the kids. You've got it correct. Sue will be as busy as ever and "Old Man Lebby" will be playing with the kids. Sounds like a great deal to me!

As I was writing this letter a young woman who was vacationing in the area came into the office. She said that she had a strange request. She explained that she just started a new job and her boss was a camper at North Star in the 70's and 80's. She wanted to buy a tee shirt or something to give to him. I asked her bosses name. She was amazed when I told her that I not only knew her boss, where he grew up but I also knew his brother and parents as well. I also explained that he started our rocketry program and that he was editor in chief of our camp newspaper, The Siren. I showed off pictures of her very young boss at camp. On a regular basis Sue and I are reminded of the wonderful community that was created by Lou and Renee Rosenblum in 1945 and we have always been conscious of the need to protect the legacy that is represented in the North Star name. Andy gets it as well.

I'm excited to continue my rein as "Old Man Lebby" and I’m looking forward to telling more stories to future generations of campers.

I'm even more excited for the future of North Star!

Carry On,


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Middle Aged Men at Work

We truly cannot say enough about the energy of our staff, and today was just another great example. For the yesterday's Cruiser Day, the staff organized "Middle Ages Day" (pun intended) for our Intermediate Village.
From the limitless brain of Village Director Ben Mizel came a day of events full of imagination, creativity and fun.

The village was divided into 6 teams - Vandals, Normans, Saxons, Franks, Vikings and Visigoths - and they each actually learned what that meant! They kicked off the festivities with a double-elimination Braveheart tournament. Braveheart is a game where you lock hands and use your pointer-finger as your "sword." The first person to make contact with the other person wins the duel.

Then the teams proceeded to the theatrical portion of the day, which involved the jesters presenting their team's flag, a ballad and a dance. All of this was judged by our damsels in distress! From there it was onto a quest for the Holy Grail, which was a detailed scavenger hunt that even included a William Tell archery shoot.. . sort of. They did shoot at an apple, but not off the top of anyone's head!

Last, but surely not least, was The Seige! The teams had spent parts of the whole day building forts on the middle of the athletic field. They used everything that wasn't nailed down. Canoes, tables, tennis nets, soccer goals, chairs, and more. The only criteria was that each fort had a "mast" on which you could balance a ball. The other teams would then try to knock of that ball with dodgeballs of their own. There really is no way to describe it other than organized chaos.

They had a day for the (middle) ages!