North Star Camp for Boys

Sunday, March 12, 2017

NSC 2017 March Madness

Once again its time for all North Star people, past, present and future to join the NSC March Madness Challenge. There is no cost to participate and winner gets a wanegan of his or her choice, to be redeemed at camp, during the summer of 2017.

Here are the links and log-in information:

Direct Link to group -
ESPN March Madness Front Page -
Group: The Council Ring
Password: keylog

One entry per person, please. We have changed the group limit size to one, so if you have multiple family members, you're going to have to make additional accounts. Last year we allowed multiple entries per account to account for this and several people made more than one entry despite our request for one entry per person.

Please extend an invite any and all North Star people. We want to make sure that as many North Star people as possible are included. We know that a lot of our current campers and staff will enjoy seeing as lots of alumni participate. Don't worry about sending this to someone who may have gotten it already.

If you choose to join in, please put your name and perhaps even the years you attended North Star within your bracket name or entry info. Feel free to be creative, but it will be nice for people to see some names and know who all is involved.

You are able to sign-up now. You can fill out your brackets any time before tip-off on March 16th (you do not need to fill out brackets before the play-in games).

There is also a second March Madness that we want everyone to know about. The Camp For All Kids Foundation is having their annual March Madness competition. Camp for All Kids helps send kids in need to camp and is the organization that is responsible for bringing scholarship kids to camp. There Camp for All Kids March Madness is a great fundraiser aimed at making camp possible for more kids. Find that fundraiser here:

As always a big quick keylog to Doug Willson who opened up his Crunch Island Challenge to North Star guys many Marchs ago.

Keep those fires burning!

Past Winners:
2016: Noah Glick
2015: Ezra Kornberg
2014: David Shakno
2013: Jonah Baim
2012: Charles Eisner
2011 - Zach Garfinkel
2010 - Alex Sharrin
2009 - Peter Tauber
2008 - Eli Fried
2007 - Kenny Grider
2006 - Jeff Schrager
2005 - Alexander W Heldman

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bully to Our March Birthday's

Happy Birthday to our March campers! We hope you have a great day, don't forget to thank the kitchen staff! Bully for you!

March 1 - Adam Garfinkel
March 2 - Jake Silver
March 5 - William Harris
March 6 - Eric Chen
March 6 - Gavin Treschl
March 6 - Jacob Sosler
March 6 -  Matt Sosler
March 7 - Sam Zechman
March 7 - Max Sinton
March 9 - John Kollmorgen
March 10 - Mason Yonover
March 10 - Matthew Cohn
March 10 - Nathan Kornberg
March 11 - John Wheeler
March 11 - Philip Boucher
March 12 - Parker Gross
March 13 - Dylan Sherman
March 13 - Mekhi Tanksley
March 16 - Justin Sadoff
March 16 - Lauren Ambrosius
March 17 - Chase Needelman
March 18 - Jordan Bow
March 18 - Mary Covelli
March 19 - Jasper Chazen
March 20 - Charlie Jakymiw
March 20 - Clayton Kies
March 20 - James Woods
March 21 - Brett Barnhart
March 21 - Ethan Levy
March 25 - Max Dunn
March 25 - Max Kaplan
March 26 - Simon Glazer
March 27 - Andy Strauss-Reis
March 28 - Caleb White
March 28 - Caleb Wade
March 28 - Hugh Greenfield
March 29 - Alonso Munoz
March 30 - Jack Foreman
March 30 - Leb
March 31 - Abe Hafron

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bully to our February Birthdays!

2/1 - Jack Ballen
2/4 - Jonny Faust
2/5 - Kai Rubenstein
2/6 - A.J. Borsand
2/6 - Tarron Stewart
2/7 - Ethan Garnes
2/7 - Grant Perlberg
2/9 - Benjamin Kite
2/9 - Aaron Black
2/11 - Ryan Gershowitz
2/11 - Spencer Malkin
2/12 - Charlie Matyas
2/12 - Martin Askenazi
2/13 - Sam Schulman
2/13 - David Cram
2/17 - Jadin Redmond
2/18 - Jack Perlberg
2/19 - Aidan Black
2/19 - Isaac Kliska
2/20 - David Cohn
2/20 - Miles Goldberg
2/20 - Oliver Marks
2/22 - Jack Ringold
2/22 - Michael Thorp-Lancaster
2/23 - Jacob Kanter
2/23 - Luca Burton
2/23 - Miles Goldman
2/23 - Alex Lara
2/24 - Miles Guten
2/24 - Ori Stone
2/26 - Joshua Hamblin
2/27 - Eli Marks
2/28 - Marcus Harris
2/28 - Audy Calderon Leyva

Monday, January 30, 2017

Bully to our February Birthdays

Happy Birthday to our February campers! We hope you have a great day, don't forget to thank the kitchen staff! Bully for you!

February 6- AJ Borsand
February 7- Ethan Garnes
February 9- Benjamin Kite
February 11- Ryan Gershowitz
February 12- Charlie Matyas and Marty Askenazi
February 13- Sam Schulman
February 17- Jadin Redmond
February 19- Aidan Black and Isaac Kliska
February 20- Miles Goldberg, Oliver Marks, and David Cohn
February 22- Jack Ringold
February 23- Jacob Kanter and Luca Burton
February 24- Ori Stone and Miles Guten
February 27- Eli Marks

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

From the NSC archives: Camp's first summer

A special thank you to Alumnus Tommy Feldman for sharing a piece of North Star history with us recently. Tommy sent us the 1945 Birthday list, as well as a list of staff from the summer, a picture of some work being done on the athletic fields, and an invitation to the first annual NSC Welcome Banquet!

We hope you enjoy looking at these pieces of camp history as much as we did.  If you have any pieces of camp history, or know someone who does, please share it with us! We love new additions to the NSC Archives!

1945 North Star Birthday and Staff List:

Athletic Fields 1945

Monday, January 9, 2017

Summer of 2016 Video and Chicago Reunion recap

Chicago area campers and staff spent their Sunday afternoon catching up with friends and bowling at Pinstripes in Northbrook. The crowd of more than 200 also included plenty of new and prospective campers, allowing them a chance to experience some North Star fun first-hand. Those who were at camp last summer received photo books filled with memories from the summer of 2016. The reunion doubled as the World Premier for the Summer of 2016 video, produced and directed by camper Jack Yonover. You can view some of Jack's award winning work here. Way to go Jack!

After bowling, Andy took the staff out to dinner at Boston Blackies in Deerfield, giving them more opportunity to catch up. Stay tuned for information about the upcoming reunion tour, coming soon to a city near you!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Bully to our January Birthdays

Happy Birthday to our January birthday boys and girls! Bully for you and don't forget to thank the
kitchen staff for your cake!

January 1  - Ethan Schaefer
January 2  - Jack Gruen
January 3  - Ethan Lichty
January 6  - Jamari Anthony
January 11  - Palmer Levy
January 11  - Simon Crane
January 12  - Bodie Florsheim
January 12  - Ethan Reinberg
January 13  - Jonah Stern
January 14  - Alex Burstein
January 14  - Benji Richheimer
January 15  - Drew Shore
January 15  - Samson Adler
January 16  - Tate Brand
January 17  - Ben Goldfeder
January 19  - Davis Gapp
January 20  - Jack Pinsky
January 21  - Benjamin Barnett
January 21  - Simon Schwartz
January 22  - Sammy Goldfeder
January 24  - Reid Gruen
January 25  - Zev Cherpak
January 26  - Aden Flora
January 28  - Luc Sun
January 28  - Mike Sun
January 30  - Gabe Katz
January 30  - Grant Nguyen
January 31  - Matthew Steinback
January 31  - Will Garnes