North Star Camp for Boys

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

NSC 2018 March Madness

Once again its time for all North Star people, past, present and future to join the NSC March Madness Challenge. There is no cost to participate and winner gets a wanegan of his or her choice, to be redeemed at camp, during the summer of 2018.

Here are the links and log-in information:

Direct Link to group -
Group: The Council Ring
Password: keylog

One entry per person, please. We have changed the group limit size to one, so if you have multiple family members, you're going to have to make additional accounts. Last year we allowed multiple entries per account to account for this and several people made more than one entry despite our request for one entry per person.

Please extend an invite any and all North Star people. We want to make sure that as many North Star people as possible are included. We know that a lot of our current campers and staff will enjoy seeing as lots of alumni participate. Don't worry about sending this to someone who may have gotten it already.

If you choose to join in, please put your name and perhaps even the years you attended North Star within your bracket name or entry info. Feel free to be creative, but it will be nice for people to see some names and know who all is involved.

You are able to sign-up now. You can fill out your brackets any time before tip-off on March 15th (you do not need to fill out brackets before the play-in games).

There is also a second March Madness that we want everyone to know about. The Camp For All Kids Foundation is having their annual March Madness competition. Camp for All Kids helps send kids in need to camp and is the organization that is responsible for bringing scholarship kids to camp. There Camp for All Kids March Madness is a great fundraiser aimed at making camp possible for more kids. Find that fundraiser here:

As always a big quick keylog to Doug Willson who opened up his Crunch Island Challenge to North Star guys many Marchs ago.

Keep those fires burning!

Past Winners:
2017: Zach Garfinkel
2016: Noah Glick
2015: Ezra Kornberg
2014: David Shakno
2013: Jonah Baim
2012: Charles Eisner
2011 - Zach Garfinkel
2010 - Alex Sharrin
2009 - Peter Tauber
2008 - Eli Fried
2007 - Kenny Grider
2006 - Jeff Schrager
2005 - Alexander W Heldman

Monday, March 5, 2018

Support Cradles to Crayons at the Northwestern University Dance Marathon Kids Fair!

We are proud to be the sponsors of the Kids Fair at Northwestern University's Dance Marathon benefitting Cradles to Crayons. If you can make it on Saturday, you can contribute by donating from the list below, or you can contribute online at Thanks for supporting this great cause!

Protect the Boundary Waters

For those of you who have gone on the Canadian trip, or paddled the Boundary Waters, you know firsthand the natural beauty of this area. This is a call to action to help protect those waters.

From Stephanie Hanson at Camp Nebagamon:
The BWCAW is being threatened by two mining operations, the Polymet mine and the Twin Metals mine, which would be located within 20 miles of each other on the border of the Boundary Waters.  Both are sulfide mining operations.  Sulfide mines are notorious for toxic water pollution; in fact there is not a single case of a sulfide mine that has not resulted in polluted drainage from its operations. Placing a sulfide mine on the edge of a watery ecosystem is a recipe for disaster. The Polymet mine is close to becoming reality. We have an opportunity to submit comments to the Minnesota DNR about whether Polymet should be granted permits to mine; the comment period closes Tuesday.  Please go to this link and make your voice heard. 
 Please join us in helping to preserve these beautiful waters for generations to come!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Bully to our November Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all of our November birthday guys and gals. Hope you have a great day and don't forget to thank the kitchen staff for your cake!

11/1: Dorothy Briggs
11/2: Erin Armstrong
11/2: Ronan Schmidt
11/5: Kolton Jacobs
11/7: Luke Simpson
11/8: Cyrus Black
11/10: Chase Anders
11/10: Micah Anders
11/10: Zachary Neimark
11/11: Max Rosenfeld
11/11: Emmanuel Tate
11/11: Wesley Williams
11/12: Josh Davidson
11/12: Jack Schocket
11/12: Wesley Sherman
11/13: Nolan Schott
11/14: Zach Bort
11/15: Lucas Feller
11/15: Caleb Ford
11/15: Will Glauberman
11/15: Mitchell Posner
11/15: Maxwell Sherman
11/19: Lorenzo Alonzo
11/19: Zack Hauptman
11/19: Zachary Smith
11/20: Ty Townsend-Ford
11/21: Brandon Soble
11/22: Aaron Dinkin
11/23: Kameron Hayles
11/24: Benji Motew
11/25: Sam Meiselman-Ashen
11/25: Brady Schwartz
11/26: Nancy Nelson
11/27: Ethan Nguyen
11/28: Kyle Turpin
11/29: Max Baum
11/30: Jeff McCormack

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Update: North Star on the Hill

In early May, Andy joined representatives of other camps to lobby in Washington D.C. for The Child Protection Improvements Act (CPIA), which was passed in the Senate this week. Co-sponsored by Senators Al Franken and Orrin Hatch, the CPIA makes it easier for organizations such as camps to access FBI background checks when hiring, which is the only true National background check database.

This is a great update and the next step forward for a bill which would help camps and similar organizations hire employees who are suitable to work with children. CPIA would also help keep the costs of these background checks reasonable in the future. The Senate's version of the bill will be voted on in the House before being signed into law.

To learn more, you can read Senator Franken's release or view his tweets on the subject.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Camp Moves Me 2017

Join Team North Star and help raise money to send kids to camp!

2017 Team North Star Members
Andy Shlensky
Dan Lichtenstein
Oliver Rockman
Nathan Margrett
Gabe Katz
Are you on Team North Star? email

October 2017 marks the 4th annual Camp Moves Me. Camp Moves Me is an effort on the part of the American Camp Association to get people moving and get kids in need to camp. And for year #4, we need your help to make sure that North Star stays on top as Camp Champion! Camps from all over the US and Canada participate in Camp Moves Me, and as three time Camp Champion, North Star has raised more than any other camp each year. In 2016, Team North Star participants helped us gather 168 pledges, raising $14,835.

Here's how Camp Moves Me works... Participants have to run, walk, bike or do other physical activity throughout the month of October. Upon creating their registration page, they commit to do a specific amount of physical activity over the course of the month. They they ask their family and friends to support them by pledging a donation based on the amount of activity that they do! So if you're already a regular runner, walker, biker or do other regular exercise, join in and see that activity help get kids to camp!

Once again, money raised by Team North Star will go to the Camp for All Kids Foundation, which helps send kids from underserved communities to North Star as well as Camp Birch Trail, Chippewa Ranch Camp, Camp Kamaji and Camp Timberlane. The Camp for All Kids Foundation has been North Star's scholarship fund for many years and we're excited to see the organization benefited this year.

We need your help to see North Star remain the Camp Champion in 2017! Any and all campers, staff, alumni and family members can join by going to the Team North Star Page. Then reach out to all of your friends, family and co-workers to have them pledge to support you. You can also donate directly to support Team North Star if you aren't able to participate by clicking the green "Contribute" button on our team page

Camp Parents, please help us by telling your camper about Camp Moves Me and encourage them to help give the gift of camp that they've been so lucky to be a part of!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The North Star Family Gives Back

One of the things we talk a lot about at camp is doing the right thing for the right reasons. Though we've now settled into our "off-season" homes, I would like to invite the entire North Star family to do just that by joining us in three great philanthropic events throughout October.

First, the entire month of October is Camp Moves Me. Camp Moves Me is an effort on the part of the American Camp Association to get people moving to send kids in need to camp. We hope that all of our campers, parents, staff and alumni will join our team and commit to walking, running, biking and doing other physical activity over the course of the month of October. Participants ask their friends and family members to sponsor them and donate based on how much activity they accomplish. Money raised by Team North Star during Camp Moves Me will go to the Camp for All Kids Foundation, which sends underserved kids to North Star as well as Camp Birch Trail, Chippewa Ranch Camp, Camp Kamaji and Camp Timberlane. Make sure to join team North Star so that the money raised by our community can go to Camp for All Kids.

This year's Lynn Sage Pink Path 5k is dedicated to Vickie. We are hoping that you will join Team VICtory in our efforts to raise money for the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Research Foundation to cure breast cancer and support other patients. On October 14th, please join Team VICtory to honor Vickie at Diversey Harbor and walk or run with us. Let's continue to honor Vickie's legacy to fight this fight and make a difference.  

On October 21st, Camp for All Kids is hosting Camperships for Cleveland. Join other Cleveland area camp enthusiasts for a great day of fun for the whole family including live music, camp activities, food trucks and s'mores. Proceeds will benefit the Camp for All Kids Marc C. Krantz Memorial Campership Fund which raises money to send kids to camp. Marc was an alumnus of North Star and was an active member of the Alumni community. His son Ross and daughter Tara were both on the North Star staff this past summer.

Learn more about the event on Facebook or Reserve your tickets here

If you have any questions about Camp Moves Me, Camperships for Cleveland, or joining Team VICtory, please reach out. We are so proud of this community's generosity.