North Star Camp for Boys

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

2019 New Camper Pizza Party

New Camper Open House Pizza Party
Saturday, May 11, 2019
11am - 12:30pm
Barnaby's Pizza
960 Skokie Boulevard, Northbrook, IL

Join us on Saturday, May 12 at Barnaby's Pizza in Northbrook for an opportunity to meet some of our junior staff, ask your burning questions and introduce your son to some of the other first time campers. Dan and Andy will be at Barnaby's with some fine North Star staff members who will look to get your son psyched for his first summer at North Star.

Our goal is to help each of our first-time campers to feel comfortable and get even more excited for camp. It is our hope that this allows each of our first-time campers to meet some staff and other first-time campers so that they can see some familiar faces when they arrive at the bus.

You can check out the event on Facebook as well. Please RSVP to or at 715-462-3254, and feel free to contact us if you have any other questions as well. We hope you'll stop in and have some pizza!

Monday, March 18, 2019

NSC March Madness 2019

Once again its time for all North Star people, past, present and future to join the NSC March Madness Challenge. There is no cost to participate and winner gets a wanegan of his or her choice, to be redeemed at camp, during the summer of 2019.

Here are the links and log-in information:

Direct Link to group -
Group: The Council Ring
Password: keylog

One entry per person, please. We have changed the group limit size to one, so if you have multiple family members, you're going to have to make additional accounts.

Please extend an invite any and all North Star people. We want to make sure that as many North Star people as possible are included. We know that a lot of our current campers and staff will enjoy seeing as lots of alumni participate. Don't worry about sending this to someone who may have gotten it already.

If you choose to join in, please put your name and perhaps even the years you attended North Star within your bracket name or entry info. Feel free to be creative, but it will be nice for people to see some names and know who all is involved.

You are able to sign-up now. You can fill out your brackets any time before tip-off on March 21st (you do not need to fill out brackets before the play-in games).

There is also a second March Madness that we want everyone to know about. The Camp For All Kids Foundation is having their annual March Madness competition. Camp for All Kids helps send kids in need to camp and is the organization that is responsible for bringing scholarship kids to camp. There Camp for All Kids March Madness is a great fundraiser aimed at making camp possible for more kids. Find that fundraiser here:

As always a big quick keylog to Doug Willson who opened up his Crunch Island Challenge to North Star guys many Marchs ago.

Keep those fires burning!

Past Winners:
2018: Leo Auerbach
2017: Zach Garfinkel
2016: Noah Glick
2015: Ezra Kornberg
2014: David Shakno
2013: Jonah Baim
2012: Charles Eisner
2011 - Zach Garfinkel
2010 - Alex Sharrin
2009 - Peter Tauber
2008 - Eli Fried
2007 - Kenny Grider
2006 - Jeff Schrager
2005 - Alexander W Heldman

Friday, September 28, 2018

Camp Moves Me 2018

During the month of October, North Star Camp is participating in Camp Moves Me, a fun and easy way to raise money for our scholarship foundation with Camp for All Kids. By running, walking, biking, hiking, swimming or moving during any activity we can help send additional campers who otherwise would not be able to afford it. 

We have always been proud of the support that our North Star families have provided to our scholarship foundation. For the past five years, during this national campaign, North Star has been the #1 fundraiser. We are looking forward to another strong year! 

Here's how to participate: 
1. Register for Camp Moves Me. Make sure to join the "North Star Camp" team. 
2. Spread the word about your commitment to stay active. Email, post and share your participation and encourage others to do the same. Don't forget to tag North Star Camp!
3. Collect donations and pledges. Remember, the money you raise goes directly back to North Star's scholarship fund, Camp for All Kids. 
4. Move, move, move! Track your distance and reach your goal throughout the whole month of October. The more you move, the more campers you can help send to camp! 

Monday, August 6, 2018

Settle Up Challenge 2018

"There's plenty of camping left", but as North Star’s 74th summer comes to a close, it is time to start settling up with the greatest counselors and staff members in the world, who work tirelessly make our camp such a special place.  In preparation for a great sendoff, we are asking Alumni and other members of the North Star Community to join current staff members in the third annual North Star Settle Up Challenge to support Camp for All Kids.

The Settle Up Challenge is a gift-matching campaign that invites members of the community to match donations to Camp for All Kids made by our counselors and staff from their end-of-summer camp paychecks.  Camp for All Kids, the successor to what you may remember as the Scholarship Fund, facilitates racial diversity at North Star and five other summer camps (Birch Trail, Chippewa, Kamaji, Menominee and Timberlane) by providing scholarships called “camperships” to kids from underserved communities to attend camp.  It’s a simple and highly effective way to benefit kids who otherwise wouldn’t get a summer camp experience.

The North Star Settle Up Challenge is great way to model philanthropic dedication for our current staff.  The staff hear stories about Alumni, read their names on plaques, and see photos in the Lodge and feel the history of camp every day.  (We have second and even third generation North Star men on the staff too.) 

Many of you were counselors at North Star, so you know that giving back part of a modest camp salary is quite generous for our staff members.  We had tremendous results last summer when more than 50 North Star staff members donated over $3,800, and 40 North Star alumni pledged matching donations totaling over $22,000.  As a result, the Settle Up Challenge raised more than $25,000! You can make your pledge by simply emailing Andy ( with your commitment. You can set a cap on your matching gift. We already have raised over $25,000 in matching donations for this year, and are looking to beat last year by even more!

Here’s how the Challenge  works:  If a North Star counselor contributes, say, $20 and ten alumni match it, that donation turns into $200. (We suggest a minimum of $500 for your matching gift.) We will total up the donations from current camp staff and contact anyone who donated during the week of August 13th to tell you the amount raised by the staff.  You can then go to the Camp for All Kids website and make your tax-deductible matching gift.

This year, 28 campers attended North Star through Camp for All Kids “camperships.”  These kids not only make lifelong friendships and experience the magic of camp, they also contribute so much to the camp culture.  North Star contributors have been the heart and soul of Camp for All Kids since its inception. Please contact us at with any questions.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

The North Star Games

Yesterday was the first ever North Star Games, for which all of camp was drafted in to 4 constellation based teams, Hydra, Hercules, Dorado, and Mensa. The event officially kicked off Friday afternoon with the North Star Pow Wow, which celebrated the Native American history of the Northwoods. Educating our campers about Native American history, culture and traditions, and creating a connection with the land has always been a priority throughout camp’s 74-year history, and our campers and staff feel that this new take on a Pow Wow Day is a more empathetic and appropriate way to accomplish those goals.

With the help of a few Pine Manor campers, Andy discussed the history of our Pow Wow Day, how the days traditions have changed it over the years, and the decision to move on to The North Star Games this summer. He also shared the history of local tribes and allowed the campers to see a few native artifacts we have at camp. Eli Gould, Aidan Weinberg and Louis Schienfeld then led the rest of the campers in a few traditional Native American games. A favorite was "The Running Game", which is a distance running race with one major catch, runners need to be screaming at the top of their lungs.

Our Friday Night Service focused on this transition, as well as the importance of conservation and respecting the land. After taking time to learn about some of the first environmentalists, the Chippewa tribe, and their modern counterparts, we held the opening ceremony for The North Star Games. In 1944, Lou and Renee decided to buy the land that became North Star when they saw the Council Ring. They looked to the sky and saw the North Star, and camp had a name. The teams walked from that spot to an athletic field lined with lanterns. Andy told stories about the North Star and what it represents, and the Senior Village captains from each team lit a torch to signify the beginning of the competition. In the morning, opening ceremonies continued with a cheer from each team followed by the launch of their team rocket.

The day itself included many favorite camp events, such as leg wrestling, Polaris Ball (a modified softball game), Canoe Tug of War, and log rolling, water polo, and a variety of swimming events. There were also a few additions, including Stand Up Paddleboarding, rocketry, and a plaque competition.  There was a silent lunch (because there is no sound in space). Despite rain, the enthusiasm around camp was palpable, and we were able to fit most of the scheduled events in. The staff softball game to decide eating order was modified into a dodgeball tournament in the VICtory Fieldhouse, which also hosted Floor Hockey, which was played in lieu of Speedball. The day concluded with a closing ceremony in Mike Hall, highlighted by a performance from The Pinery Boys, who treated camp to a performance of authentic logging era music. The sportsmanship of campers and staff was on display throughout the day, and even though "it just doesn't matter", Hydra ended as champions of the first North Star Games.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Camper Counselor Day and other special programs

The last four days have been busy with special events, most notably an earlier than usual Camper Counselor Day. We have also welcomed prospective campers and their families into camp for Rookie Weekend, celebrated the Big 10, and had our last Cruiser Day of the summer. Today is Bi-Camp, and a contingent of campers from Camp Nebagamon have joined us to compete in a variety of camp activities.

Camper Counselor Day gives our Senior Village campers an opportunity to experience what it is like to be a staff member. The campers select a staff member to be for the day and swap clothes with them. The villa campers are "counselors" for the day, teaching activities and supervising cabins. The staff enjoy the opportunity to sample some of the activities they have wanted to try all summer. The Senior Village campers finish Camper Counselor Day with a sense of gratitude for the work their counselors do to make the summer special for them.

On Saturday and Sunday, we hosted 11 families for our second session Rookie Weekend. In addition to a tour for the boys and parents, prospective campers are able to participate in a bit of camp to see what like at North Star is like. They play in challenge games, swim during an organized free, and even have a chance to sign up for two activities of their choice. They also played in our Dodgeball Extravaganza evening program, trying to stay in for as long as possible while playing against the staff. Rookie Weekend is a great opportunity for a prospective North Star family to see camp running at full speed. If you know anyone who may be interested in attending Rookie Weekend in 2019, fill out the Refer a Friend form.

Sunday night we celebrated the Big 10. This year, we had seven honorees who have spent 10 years with us. This year's Big 10 men are Noah Broutman, Ethan Rane, Spencer Malkin, Asher Borstein, Noah Sherman, Danny Levy, and Jake Kraemer. Visitors and staff told stories to share some of the memorable moments these guys have had at camp before we all enjoyed some cake to mark the occasion.

Yesterday was our last Cruiser Day of the summer. Cabins enjoyed many of the staple Cruiser Day activities, such as tubing and trips to the resort across the lake. Cabins also had the opportunity to make Oreo cookies and J4 made their own pies for a pie eating contest. J2 and J3 had a challenge day, spending the day together and participating in unique sports such as water polo. The Intermediate Village visited Wild Mountain, a waterpark in Taylors Falls, Minnesota, for a day of waterslides, go-karts and alpine slides.

Today is our annual Bi-Camp competition with Camp Nebagamon. They are joining us for a day of friendly competition in Tennis, Swimming, Canoeing, Sailing, Chess, Archery, Riflery and Cross Country. We are proud of our campers for being such gracious hosts and welcoming Nebagamon to camp in such a friendly manner.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

NSC Trip Report

In addition to the multitude of the special programs, many campers have returned from their cabin trips lately. Cabin trips are an opportunity to push the boys outside of their comfort zones and experience nature. Trips are also fantastic bonding opportunities as the boys go with their entire cabin, counselors, and a wilderness trip leader.

I6 went on a 3-day, 2-night trip on the Flambeau river. They made it to their second night campsite on the first night after a fantastic group effort paddling. The next day they were looking for a new campsite and were invited to stay on a private site a bit upstream. Despite the detour, the counselors of I6 reported that the positive attitude of the campers never wavered. The boys enjoyed the site's bathrooms with mirrors. The second night the boys played games and joked in their tents despite less than ideal weather. On the third day, the cabin enjoyed canoeing down both Cedar Rapids and Beaver Dam.

I3 also went on the Flambeau, and had to paddle hard to reach their first night campsite before it started raining. They made it, and were able to set up their site quickly as the rain started to fall. They were able to learn how to keep a fire going despite the rain and set up a tarp so they could cook dinner. They had a short paddle on the second day, and made it to a campsite near Cedar Rapids. It rained a bit that afternoon, which made the boys laugh while they played cards in their tent. The clouds cleared away and the cabin ran Cedar Rapids, and even those who capsized were having fun. That evening they played a game called camouflage in the enchanted forest near the campsite. The final day was more relaxed, and they recited riddles on the water. One of their counselors, Jonah Rane, is a high school coxswain,  and on this day he called out the strokes for the cabin, helping them keep pace.

The campers of I1 went on the Nam-St. Croix, and enojyed some beautiful scenery, especially at a campsite called Sand Rock Cliffs. At this site, they played games and told stories to pass the time. They were lucky with the weather, and only had a short spell of rain one day at lunch. To keep the cook dry, they set up a tarp over the "kitchen". They raved about their tripper Shiva's meals, and returned with a new affinity for Indian spices. I2 also went on the Nam-St. Croix, and canoed 28 miles from start to finish. The food was also a hit on this trip, they enjoyed favorites such as quesadillas and pita pizzas. They floated and swam in the river, and at one point the campers saw "the biggest fish ever", a catfish about 4-feet long. They were still raving about the size of the fish when they returned to camp. In addition to that fish, they were able to watch a swimming snake, and these interesting animals helped them appreciate the nature on their trip.

J2 went on a 2-day trip on the Namekagon River, commonly known as the "Mighty Nam". They also experienced a bit of rain, but loved the food on the trip. Culinary highlights included Pita Pizzas, S'mores, and carmel delights. The campers also loved brownie pancakes in the morning. The trip was a great first overnight for the many of the campers, and they're already excited for a longer trip next summer.