North Star Camp for Boys

Friday, October 21, 2016

Dropping some NSC News

With autumn weather upon us, it would be easy to thing that things have been quiet at camp. While the lodge may be quiet and the grass is growing tall on the athletic fields, the work of camp never stops. There are lots of things that need to be done to keep camp in tip top shape and once family camp ended our maintenance crew along with several of our staff took on several projects. Among these was painting the floors in several cabins, sandblasting and staining Mike Hall and other general repair work.

Two projects that our caretakers Tom and Todd have been working on will certainly make all of our campers more comfortable. Our senior village campers will be excited to know about upgrades to the wash house in the villa. Tom completely gutted the shower area, removing the old stall dividers and paneling. Once finished, the shower area will resemble our J Village shower area with new stalls and walls. Oh ya... and we'll also have more stalls and tankless waterheaters to ensure that they won't run out of hot water. 
The Fieldhouse isn't the only new structure going up in that area of camp. As part of that project, we're also adding a small outhouse. Right next to the Fieldhouse will be a small outhouse which will be great for campers and staff that are at riflery, archery, the athletic fields and even climbing. 

You can check out some of the handywork of Tom and Todd and we'll be sure to send more updates of these and other projects going on in the Northwoods.