North Star Camp for Boys

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Camp Forms are Online

All parents should have received an email on Friday explaining how to complete our forms. Things are a little different this summer. For everyone's ease and to be a bit more eco friendly, all forms are online. Those forms can be found by accessing your Campintouch Page (just click the "login" link in the upper right of this page). For those of you who haven't accessed your Campintouch page yet, you can get your login information by clicking the "retrieve password" link once you go to the Campintouch Login Page. This is a new web based system for North Star and though there may be a few bumps as we all get adjusted to it, we know it will make life a lot easier for everyone in the long term. Several other camps use Campintouch and their parents love it.

Now back to forms...this checklist of forms everyone needs to follow was part of that email. Some forms are simple online submissions. Our health form and camper profile (to name a few) are forms that you enter all your info online and click the submit button. This info will be saved in the system, so next year you'll just update the forms, not start from scratch. Other forms are Faxback Forms, which have a unique barcode that will help us track each camper's forms (each form has a different barcode for each camper). These forms should be faxed to 866-875-2442 (the number at the bottom of the fax form), but if you send them to North Star's fax number we'll still process it with no problem.

You can also access your financial information via your Campintouch page. If you have any problems at all with the Campintouch system, let us know. Just call or send an email to and we'll be sure to have an answer for you shortly.

Finally, one of the forms that we've sent out is the Private Tennis Lesson sign-up form. Spots are limited and available on a first come, first serve basis, so if you want to reserve a spot, make sure that get the form in quickly. We will confirm that we have gotten your form, so if you send in the form and don't receive confirmation, let us know.