North Star Camp for Boys

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Want to stay comfortable on your camping trip?

Here are two quick pieces of advice that will be a big help to campers for their camping trips...

First, particularly for current 8th and 9th graders, who will either be going on the Canadian or Porcupine Mtns for their camping trips this summer... Do you want to avoid painful blisters on the trip? Make sure that your hiking boots are broken in. Whether you're buying a new pair of boots or have a pair from the past, its easy to avoid blisters and stay comfortable. Break in your boots starting now! Wear them in a bit. Its as easy as wearing them for an hour or two a handful of times when you're doing some walking (at the mall... around your neighborhood... etc). If you buy a new pair of boots and don't wear them until the day of your trip that's a recipe for blisters and foot pain.

If you are buying new boots, there are lots of different kinds you can get. There is no reason to spend lots of money. Its always good to have ankle support and important to have a boot that grips well (many different kinds of boots have Vibram soles or similar brands). As important as the boots are a few good pair of socks. Wool or synthetic socks draw moisture away from the foot and also help keep the foot warm and comfortable when the sock is wet.

Finally, a tip for EVERYONE on sleeping bags. While stuff sacks and compression sacks are great for making your sleeping bag nice and compact, you don't want to store it in the stuff sack. Stuff sacks and compression sacks are meant for the trip itself when storage space is limited. Storing the sleeping bag in a stuff or compression sack will break down the fill and give the bag "dead spots", all of which will make the bag less effective at keeping you warm on trips. The best way to store a bag is either in a large storage sack (often included with a sleeping bag), on a hanger or underneath your bed.