North Star Camp for Boys

Sunday, June 13, 2010

PPC Picture of the Day

Today officially marked the end of Pre-Pre Camp with the start of new staff orientation. With that arrived about 20 more guys... the rest of our new staff and all of our Counselors in Training.

To mark the end of pre-pre camp, we've got two pictures. The first is actually not at North Star, but rather a few hours away at the Brule River. Our trip leaders scout several of the trips that cabin groups will take over the summer and today I dropped them off at the Brule, which they'll paddle for the next few days. They were very excited about the high water levels that they found upon arriving at the landing. Here our six mighty trip leaders headed down river to start their three day excursion.
For our second picture...a game of staff kickball! What better way to start pre camp? Leb challenged some of the early arriving new staff to come up with an activity that everyone could participate in.

Day one of pre-camp ended with Leb taking the new staff on a tour of camp and Jeff met with his CITs. Then it was up to the lodge for snacks and games of cards and celebrity!

We'll do our best to post pre-camp pictures of the day now that pre-pre camp is over. Once the campers arrive, we'll regularly be posting pictures online for everyone to see!