North Star Camp for Boys

Friday, June 11, 2010

PPC Picture(s) of the Day

Yesterday was moving day for our swim docks. It seems like this is a hallmark both of the beginning of the season as well as the end of the season. In August, once post camp is done, the swim docks come apart and get relocated on shore. Then, in the spring the docks head back towards swim point to assume their natural positions.

So Thursday was moving day... but we were kind of worried. See in August we moved the docks towards shore and Leb was a little worried that they may float away. Well, they didn't. The docks stayed put as the water levels receded a bit, leaving some really heavy docks stuck on shore. We pondered a few options for getting them in the water and decided to just get as many people as we could find (about 20 or so) and try to pick up the docks and drag them into the water. It worked. Once the docks in, we needed to get them down to swim point, and the staff decided to make some fun out of it and paddle the docks out to swim point.
You will notice one free loader, Mack (the dog) Shlensky aboard. He made it about 3/4 of the way to swim point before decide it may be quicker if he just swam the rest of the way. We added an extra picture of the docks coming down the stretch to swimpoint.