North Star Camp for Boys

Monday, June 28, 2010

Who is Connor Jackson?

Who is Connor Jackson? That is the question haunting Leb over the course of the past week.  We have no campers at North Star by that name.  We have no staff by that name.  We do not even have any alumni by that name. Yet Connor Jackson is the biggest name at camp.
It all started at the beginning of last week when Sue, our very own Inspector #12, was doing her daily inspections of the cabins.  When she arrived in cabin J-2, she found more than she bargained for.  On the floor of the cabin was a bouquet of flowers and a poem to Sue.  While reading this, keep in mind that the residents of cabin J-2 are 10-years-old!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Our cabin is clean,
and I love you.

- Connor Jackson

Every day for the last week, the same thing happened - more flowers, new poems.  Then it started to escalate! The poems started to include P.S. notes like "Leb is great, but he has nothing on me," and "Sorry Robert, you can't keep Sue away from me." And each day, Sue would bring her flowers and love letters to announcements to flaunt her secret admirer.  And each day, Cabin J-2 was earning Cabin Pride Awards, North Star's highest achievement in cleanliness.  But Connor Jackson's true identity remained unknown.
Then yesterday at announcements, our staff decided to replicate the scene from Spartacus with everyone standing up and yelling "I am Connor Jackson!" "No, I am Connor Jackson!" Until the whole camp was claiming to be Sue's secret admirer.
Things became really quite complicated today when cabin J-7 left a teddy bear and a love poem from Connor Jackson yet J-2 still had their latest rendition available to woo Sue into another Cabin Pride Award.
As darkness falls on another great day of camp, the mystery of Connor Jackson remains...

Aside from these shenanigans, we've had a great couple of days.  Beginning on Sunday, all of our campers began their second set of projects and are getting to dabble in new activities.  Sunday night's evening program was a "Recess Remix/Schoolyard Rocks" medley.  Every camper went on a rotation between the games of Settlers vs Rustlers, Freeze Tag, Wall Ball and Sharks and Minnows.  It was the creation of our brilliant Village Directors, who made the night a blast for all.
Cabins I-6 and S-1 returned today from their five-day hiking trips in the Porcupine Mountains and both trips were a great success.  Tonight's evening program was Village Campfires - where all three villages had their own campfire programs including group games, village cheers, songs, stories, and, most importantly, s'mores.  It was an opportunity for each village to showcase the talents of its campers and staff alike, and boy are there a lot of talents.
With one week of camp in the books, we are off to a fantastic start! The North Star community is buzzing with enthusiasm, talent, and friendships new and old.  Stay tuned for more Leb's Rambling's and Summer Pics.