North Star Camp for Boys

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Send us your "North Star" Pictures

No...not your camp, pics... but your "North Star" pics. It seems like there are lots of businesses with "North Star" in the title, or other things with "North Star" in their name, and who can blame them. So we're trying to collect as many "North Star" pictures as possible. If you're somewhere and see "North Star" on a store sign, on a billboard, on the side of a van, snap a pic and email it to We'll add the pic to our photo album, too. Send us a description of where you took the picture, too, so we can add that as well.

Here is the North Star Coffee Bar, located near Cass Lake. Leb, Sue, Dan and Andy were on their way to visit our friends at Camp Kamaji when we drove by. We decided to take the picture and see how many "North Star" pics we could collect. Don't take pics if you're driving... we don't want anyone to get hurt. But lets see how many places we can find North Star.